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Updated: May 22, 2020
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Which two steps should be performed before installing HyperFlex? (Choose two.)
A. Determine and download recommended installer OVA version required
B. Complete the pre-installation checklist.
C. Determine and download recommended hypervisor
D. Download service profile templates
E. Determine and download virtual machine OS! required
Correct Answer: AB

How much memory is reserved for the controller VM in the HX220c?
A. 48 GB
B. 12 GB
C. 24 GB
D. 78 GB
Correct Answer: A

Which two components are automatically configured from the information provided to the HyperFlex installer? (Choose
two )
A. the network
B. operating system deployment preparation
C. controller VM configuration
D. application dependencies
E. server firmware policy
Correct Answer: AC

Which uses for the system drive in an HX node are valid? (Choose two.)
A. Migration
B. Saving and restoring program state
C. Virtual machine store
D. Garbage collection
E. Write Cache
Correct Answer: BD

What does the letter W indicate when selecting CPUs for your HX Node (le. HX-CPU 8170M)?
A. support of 1.5 TB/socket of memory
B. support for all flash drive array
C. support for NVMe
D. support for 768 TB/socket of memory
Correct Answer: A

How many DIMMs are supported per memory channel in the Cisco UCS M5 server?
A. 2
B. 1
C. 8
D. 4
Correct Answer: A

What is the minimum amount of memory required for an HX node?
A. 192 GB
B. 64 GB
C. 32 GB
D. 128 GB
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

softwarexam 700-905 exam questions-q8

Which VIC model supports two wire connectivity to each Fabric Interconnect?
A. VIC 1227
B. VIC 1557
C. VIC 1387
D. VIC 1457
Correct Answer: C

What is the maximum size of an HXDP cluster running 3.5.1?
A. 64 nodes
B. 8 nodes
C. 16 nodes
D. 32 nodes
Correct Answer: A

Which three advantages of using the M5 generation of HyperFlex servers over the M4 generation are valid? (Choose
three )
A. Support for Cisco VICs
B. Multiple GPUs
C. M.2 SATA drive support for faster disk I/O
D. DDR3 memory
E. Microsoft Hyper-V support
F. NVMe support
Correct Answer: CEF

If a GPU card is Installed in HyperFlex nodes before a cluster is created, which action can be used to automatically build
the service profile in UCS Manager?
A. Check Run UCS Manager Configuration during the cluster creation process
B. Check the extended memory option during the cluster creation process
C. Check the GPU workflow during the cluster creation process
D. Check the administrative workflow option during the cluster creation process
Correct Answer: C

Which two processes does Disk Failure initiate? (Choose two)
A. The affected cluster is marked as unhealthy and placed into standby mode
B. If the replication factor is sufficient for the failure, the system is marked as unhealthy but remains operational
C. Distributed pooled data is migrated off nodes to master data store.
D. Performance is almost unaffected Sets 1-minute timer until self-healing starts.
E. Self-healing mode is initiated and data replication factors applied.
Correct Answer: BD

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