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Updated Oracle Database 1Z0-920 exam questions 1-13

You establish MySQL Enterprise Server on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure connection via Secure Shell (SSH)
For accessing a new MySQL Enterprise Edition on an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Instance you ” Add SSH key “
information during the OCI instance setup. You want to use Putty from your Windows Client to install MySQL.
What are the correct steps to accomplish this?
A. Open Port 22 on your OCI Instance and convert the private key to ppk format. This new private key can be used for
B. Use the provided private key for authentication.
C. Convert the private key to ppk format first and use the new private key for authentication.
D. Open Port 22 on your OCI Instance and configure Putty with the ssh private key.
Correct Answer: A

Which Oracle product is certified to work with MySQL Enterprise Edition?
A. Oracle Enterprise Backup
B. Oracle Data Pump
C. Oracle Enterprise Manager
D. Oracle Application Express
Correct Answer: C
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You get a maintenance-notification about your MySQL Enterprise Edition in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute
instance. What is re the implication?
A. You can expect an outage of your MySQL OCI instance during the planned time..
B. Depending on the planned outage, you may not be affected by it. You need to read the maintenance details in the
support notice.
C. You need to agree to the maintenance windows. If not, you are not affected by the outage.
D. There are no maintenance operations planned. You need to do them manually.
Correct Answer: A

You want to create an encrypted table. So, you enter this command:
CREATE TABLE \\’test_encryption2% (
\\’id\\’ int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
\\’server_name\\’ varchar(15) NOT NULL,
You receive the following error:
ERROR 1031 (HY000): Table storage engine for `test_encryption2\\’ doesn\\’t have this option Which statement
correctly explains the reason for this error?
A. You cannot use the AUTO_INCREMENT option to create an encrypted table. This is what is causing the error.
B. The term “server_name” is a reserved MySQL term. You cannot use it for the new table. This is what is causing the
C. The encryption feature only works with InnoDB tables. You are creating a MylSAM table, and it is causing the error.
D. The test_encryption2 already exist. You are not using the correct option to recreate it and it is causing the error.
Correct Answer: C

Which three are characteristics of the JSON data type?
A. A set of SQL functions substantially support the SQL utilization of the data type.
B. It supports indexing directly against the JSON-defined column.
C. It validates the JSON syntax on insert or merge.
D. Comparisons of JSON values are not case-sensitive.
E. Key or array references enable quick read-access to look up document elements directly.
F. It is based on the TEXT data type.
Correct Answer: BCE

By using the asynchronous MySQL Replication architecture, data can be replicated to slaves. Identify three use cases
of MySQL Replication.
A. MySQL Replication Connector/J (ReplicationDriver) is provided to allow read capability on slave and write capability
on master.
B. MySQL Enterprise Backup will back up from Slave automatically.
C. It provides multi-master access where the application can write and read data across the database servers.
D. It allows backup to be done on the slave without impacting the master.
E. You can create a slave server for reporting applications, which get only read access to the slave servers. It off-loads
the master server. Additional servers allow different database server configuration.
Correct Answer: BDE

Which three statements are true about MySQL Enterprise Backup?
A. It performs hot or warm backups.
B. It provides the ability to create incremental backups.
C. It cannot back up encrypted tablespaces.
D. It enables you to take non-locking backups.
E. It performs logical backups.
Correct Answer: BDE

Which three options are valid reasons for using a primary key in a table?
A. increasing performance when using select statements
B. exporting data faster with mysqldump
C. preventing duplicate keys
D. to make it easier to change the PRIMARY KEY value
E. automatic storage of data in a sorted order
F. maintaining a history of row insertions or updates
Correct Answer: ABC

How would you restrict a user Joe from accessing all MySQL database objects?
A. CREATE USER \\’joe\\’@\\’\\’ SET Password=PASSWORD(\\’% ! %\\’)
C. UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD(\\’Invalid\\’) WHERE User=\\’joe\\’;
D. Insert Joe\\’s name into the mysql.user_restriction cable, and issue the FLUSH PRIVILEGES command.
Correct Answer: D

After installing MySQL 8.0, you initialize the data directory with the –initialize command. Which two are places where
you can find the root password?
A. The root password is not given and is blank. You must manually set the root password.
B. The root password inserted in the error log set by the –log-error=[file_name] variable
C. The root password displayed on the screen via a [warning] message.
D. The root_pw variable stored in the mysq1.install table.
E. As root, execute the show password command by using the SHA-256 password encryption plug-in.
Correct Answer: DE

Which four authentication protocols are allowed when using MySQL Enterprise Authentication?
A. Native Windows services
B. authentication via Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAMs)
C. Simple Authentication and Security Layer
D. SECURID authentication and authorization identity
E. authentication using SHA-256 password hashing
F. connections through the local host via the UNIX socket file
Correct Answer: ABEF
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Which features of MySQL Enterprise Edition should you use to proactively monitor and track data changes in your
A. MySQL Enterprise Monitor and MySQL Audit
B. MySQL Workbench and MySQL Enterprise Firewall
C. MySQL Audit and MySQL Workbench
D. SQL Enterprise Monitor and MySQL Enterprise Authentication
Correct Answer: D

The replication for a Master and Slave MySQL Servers is up and running. The disk space for Master Server is
continuously growing. The binlog size keeps growing. Which two methods can fix the issue?
A. On the Master server, disable binlog by removing the –log-bin option.
B. Set the expire_logs_days system variable to expire binary log files automatically after a given number of days.
C. To safely purge binary log files, perform these steps:
On each slave server, use show slave status to check which log file it is reading.
Obtain a listing of the binary log files on the master server with show binary logs.
Determine the earliest log file among all the slaves. This is the target file. If all the slaves are up- to-date, this is the last
log file on the list.
Make a backup of all the log files you are about to delete. (This step is optional, but always advisable.)
Purge all log files up to but not including the target file by using the purge binary logs statement
D. Execute the purge binary logs statement without argument.
E. Delete all binlog files manually on the file system to release storage spaces.
Correct Answer: BC

Oracle 1Z0-920 exercise questions from the video

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