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What are the various ways of disabling Chatter?
Correct Answer: To remove Chatter tab from the top horizontal bar, remove it from the \’Selected Tabs\’ from
\’Customize My Tabs\’ from the \’+\’ sign. To remove Chatter link altogether for all profiles, go to Setup -andgt;
Customize -andgt; Chatter -andgt;

Automating business processes is possible using
A. workflow
B. approval processes
C. both of above
Correct Answer: C

While filling out positions, the hiring manager wants to view job responsibilities and job description at the top of the
page; The recruiter wants to view the name of
the hiring manager and the status at the top.
Which tool would you use to meet this requirement?
A. Record Types
B. Field Level Security
C. Page Layouts
Correct Answer: C

Which objects are available while importing data using the import wizard?
Correct Answer: Lead, Account, Contact, Solution, custom objects

In a Master-Detail Relationship, ownership and access to the child record are determined by the parent record
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A

New approval steps can be added to an active approval process only if it is deactivated.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B

Record types can be used to determine
A. picklist values
B. business processes (using different page layouts)
C. Both of above
Correct Answer: C

What is the difference between Export and Export All in Apex Data Loader?
Correct Answer: Deleted records are stored in Sales force for 45 days. In \’Export All\’ the deleted records also get
exported. In `Export\’ the deleted records do not get exported.

Which are the 2 ways to mass delete records?
Correct Answer: Using Apex Data Loader or from Setup -andgt; Data Management -andgt; Mass Delete Records

If a role is added to Case Team, then it will get added to which of the following teams?
A. Account Team
B. Sales Team
C. None of them
Correct Answer: C

Sharing rules are used to further restrict access defined in the Organization-wide Default settings.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B

An object can have
A. A master-detail relationship with itself
B. A lookup relationship with itself
C. Both of above are possible
Correct Answer: B

Account object has a custom field \’Tax\’ of type number. Two account records are present in Salesforce, account name
Acc1 has value 7 in this field while account
name Acc2 does not have any value in this field. This custom field Tax is now given a default value of 89 by editing it.
Which of these cases will happen:
A. The Tax field of Acc2 will get the value 89 and all accounts created henceforth will have the default value 89 in this
Tax field
B. The Tax field of Acc2 will r
Correct Answer: B

When might you need to migrate configuration changes?
Correct Answer: You might need to migrate customizations like apps, objects, code, reports or email templates from a
development sandbox to a training sandbox or production environment

Encrypted fields can be edited regardless of whether you have the andquot;View Encrypted Dataandquot; permission.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A

Using workflow rule field update action on a child object, any field of its parent can be given a value.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B

An opportunity is triggering a workflow rule that is set to evaluate. When a record is created, or when a record is edited
and did not previously meet the rule criteria\’. The opportunity previously met the workflow criteria so the workflow ruleshould not trigger now. But the workflow rule is being triggered. What could be the reason?
Correct Answer: This can happen when the account that the opportunity is related to is changed. Doing this will reparent
the opportunity and thus all \’on-create\’ workflow rules will trigger.

User B has created a Associate record. At the profile level, the profile \’Custom-Recruiter\’ of User A has only Read, Edit
access for Associate. Role of user B is \’Channel Sales Team\’. User A belongs to the public group \’All Interviewers\’.
OWD of Associate is \’Private\’. A sharing rule has been created to share Associate records owned by the role \’Channel
Sales Team\’ with the public group \’All Interviewers\’ wit h Read/Write access. What access will User A have for the
record control?
Correct Answer: Read and Edit because the sharing rule can make record access lesser restrictive. Thus the statement
\’OWD or sharing rule can make access level lesser restrictive but not more restrictive\’ is valid only if the user has Edit
permission a

What is a joined report?
Correct Answer: The joined report format lets you view different types of information in a single report. A joined report
consists of up to five report blocks, which you add to the report to create multiple views of your data. For each block,
you can a

Standard Profiles can be customized to fit your organization\’s requirements.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B

Which statement is true?
A. Child records in mater-detail relationships have their own org-wide defaults.
B. Org-wide defaults can be set for both standard and custom objects.
C. Only read/write access can be granted through sharing rules.
D. Sharing rules are used to restrict access to records.
Correct Answer: B

Which are the OOTB reports which will give information about campaign effectiveness?
Correct Answer: Campaign ROI Analysis Report, Campaign Revenue Report, Campaigns with Influenced Opportunities
QUESTION 23Which elements can be stored in folders?
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B

What records can be loaded using import wizards? (5 items)
Correct Answer: Accounts Contacts Leads Solutions Custom objects

Building your Data Model True or False The limit on the number of custom fields per object depends on the Salesforce
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A

Where can you monitor bulk data load jobs?
Correct Answer: In the Monitor section in the Setup menu (You must have \’Manage Data Integrations\’ permission to do

What can be done with Visualforce?
Correct Answer: Create pages with custom look and feel

What are the advantages of using Chatter Desktop over using the in-app Chatter?
Correct Answer: 1. With Chatter Desktop, no installed browser is required (like IE or Google Chrome or Firefox) for
accessing Chatter as it is a desktop application. 2. Chatter Desktop can be configured to start automatically when the
machine starts, s

If the entry criteria for a step in an approval process are not met, then the record gets rejected.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B

Specifying entry criteria is compulsory for:
A. Workflow rule
B. Approval process
C. Both
Correct Answer: A

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