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Cisco 820-605 ExamInformation

820-605 CSM
Certification: Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist
Duration: 90 minutes (55 – 65 questions)
Available language: English

Cisco 820-605 Dumps

Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist 820-605 Exam Practice Questions

Which outcome is the best that a Customer Success Manager can achieve for a customer?
A. adoption of all the licenses and features the customer purchased leading to expansion to improve the customer\\’s
B. full adoption of all the technologies the customer purchased
C. removing barriers so the customer achieves the fastest time to value possible from the solution they purchased
D. ensuring the customers deployment teams and end users are trained and ready to adopt the technology
Correct Answer: C

The customer plans to relocate to a new building in the existing area to reduce cost. The company wants to retain talent
through this transition. Which two business outcomes are critical to the company\\’s success? (Choose two.)
A. risk management
B. employee satisfaction
C. cost efficiency
D. credibility E. sustainability
Correct Answer: BC

Which two actions are critical when communicating with executives? (Choose two.)
A. Keep services as a primary topic
B. Focus on the value achieved
C. Incorporate the sales team\\’s plan
D. Target executive priorities
E. Focus on technical details
Correct Answer: BD

A Customer Success Manager must deliver high touch customer success experience. Which customer engagement model must be used?
A. Utilize a digital engagement so all your customers experience the touch of customer success
B. Utilize people to focus on the elite customers for a 1:1 or 1:few onsite customer success experience
C. Utilize the service team to form a larger internal team to lead the engagement
D. Utilize people to focus your customers in a 1:many customer success experience
Correct Answer: A

In which stage does the Customer Success Manager initially validate stakeholders?
A. onboarding
B. deployment
C. utilization
D. purchase
Correct Answer: A

Which of these is included in a success plan?
A. confidential customer information
B. customer business outcomes
C. customer HR processes
D. services cost
Correct Answer: BD

What is the financial implication of churn?
A. loss of revenue
B. increased production
C. reduced product utilization
D. contract expansion
Correct Answer: A

In an onboarding session, introductions to new stakeholders were made, new KPIs were collated, and desired use
cases were discussed. Which step does the Customer Success Manager take next?
A. Document the session, stakeholder interests, and metrics for leadership
B. Create a success plan to be reviewed with the customer at the next review meeting
C. Provide technical configuration for development
D. Discuss new opportunities and new products to purchase
Correct Answer: A

Which method is directly associated with evaluating a customer outcome?
A. milestones
B. key performance indicators
C. metrics
D. benchmarks
Correct Answer: D

Throughout the customer lifecycle, opportunities can occur that lead to customers becoming advocates for the
Customer Success Manager\\’s company. Which two opportunities can lead to advocacy? (Choose two.)
A. moments of success when the customer acknowledges progress
B. successful contract renewal
C. green health scores over intermittent time periods
D. continuing results based on the unexpected value
E. results that are not measurable
Correct Answer: AB

You are a Customer Success Manager and have just been assigned a strategic new account. Which course of action is
the best to help you prepare for the first customer introduction meeting?
A. Engage with the account team to understand the expansion opportunities
B. Perform a deep analysis of all the sales orders to the past 24 months
C. Build an understanding of your customer\\’s business and market trends and priorities
D. Speak the internal contacts to understand the customer sentiment and outstanding escalations
Correct Answer: C

From a Customer Success perspective, which reason to monitor your customer\\’s health is the most important?
A. It provides the opportunity to address any changes in the customer\\’s experience or actions around the solution
B. It allows the customer to identify unused licenses so they can be addressed via a service improvement plan
C. Understanding your customer\\’s health directly enables renewals
D. It gives the customer valuable insight so they can automatically renew critical on time
Correct Answer: C

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