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Which feature allows SAN switches to accept multiple WWPN registrations on a single port?
B. ISL Tracking

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 22
Which BYOD services are provided by HP Intelligent Management Center? (Select two)
A. End user compression
B. Storage federation
C. Routing optimization
D. Device compliance
E. User authentication

Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 23
When designing a solution, what defines the maximum tolerable amount of data loss from an IT service due to a major incident?

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 24
Which HP 3PAR StoreServ tool can be used to collect detailed server configuration information such as the OS type and version, WWN of HBAs, the iSCSI name and host multipathing information over a secure communication channel?
A. Recovery Manager
B. Web Services API
C. System Reporter
D. Host Explorer

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 25
Which improvement to the standard features of HP StoreEasy Storage enables deduplication of data?
A. HP StoreOnce software
B. HP Smart Array Advanced Pack 2.0
C. HP Data Protector software
D. Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 26
What enables HP StoreEasy Storage to replicate only changed file blocks instead of the entire file?
A. File Screening Management
B. Cyclical Redundancy Check
C. File Classification Infrastructure
D. Remote Differential Compression

Correct Answer: D
A global engineering company’s IT manager needs to give offshore contractors access to specific corporate data and applications. Permission is required to access the network anytime from anywhere on almost every device. Which management solution can authenticate network access and determine if the endpoints are compliant with the security policies of this company?
A. Wireless Services Manager
B. User Access Management
C. HP Peer Motion
D. Virtual network Manager

Correct Answer: B
Which features are key benefits of the HP 3PARStoreServ architecture? (Select two)
A. Fully meshed cluster architecture
B. Network RAID High Availability
C. Secure retention of storage volumes
D. Built-in deduplication technology
E. Built on industry-standard HP ProLiant technology

Correct Answer: AC
What needs to be considered when sizing a solution which will utilize HP 3PAR Snapshots?
A. Additional host ports will be required
B. Snapshots need to be written at 64k blocks
C. Backend IOs will increase
D. To ensure performance, additional system cache is used.
Correct Answer: D
Which attributes can be specified in an HP Virtual Connect Server Profile? (Select two)
A. iSCSl Initiator Name
B. Boot Parameters
C. Fibre Channel zoning
D. MAC and WWN addresses
E. Server Hostname
Correct Answer: BD
Which HP tool provides contract and warranty management?

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Which features would lead you to position an HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 as a replacement for an existing HP 8100 Enterprise Virtual Array? (Select two)
A. Similar feature set
B. Compatible replication protocol
C. Faster disk spindle speeds
D. Thin provisioning
E. Seamless data migration

Correct Answer: DE
Which drive interconnect technology uses SCSI commands and a serial bus?

Correct Answer: A
Which device facilitates the migration of data between heterogeneous storage systems?
A. HP SN6000
B. HP 2408
C. HP MPX200
D. HP SN8000C

Correct Answer: C
Which HP-hosted portal can be used to collect and share customer hardware details, warranties, and support contracts?
A. HP System Management homepage
B. HP Smart Update Portal
C. HP Insight Online
D. HP Insight Control

Correct Answer: C
A leading retail, corporate, and investment bank serves approximately 15 million customers within Central and Eastern Europe. They have older P4000 storage systems and want to implements the latest HP Store Virtual 4000 model. Some of their volumes that support critical applications must be moved over to the new platform.
Which HP technology enables this action without stopping the applications?
A. HP Peer Federation
B. HP pMotion
C. HP Remote Motion
D. HP Peer Motion

Correct Answer: D
When designing an HP Virtual connect FlexFabric network, how many downlink connections can be configured per module pair to an HP ProLiant BL460c. Gen8 server with an HP FlexFabric 2-port FlexLOM?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 8
D. 16

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 7
You have recommended a new storage solution to your customer and have already created your design with the HP Storage Sizer. The next step is to provide them a budgetary quote.
What is the best way to create the quote?
A. Send your design to HP and ask them to help.
B. Cut and paste the data into an Excel spreadsheet.
C. Push the Quote button in the HP Storage Sizer.
D. Export the data to SBW and use the Quoter tool.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 8
A customer has a head office with a number of branch offices that have no local servers. The customer requires a file-serving solution that provides these benefits:
Which solution should you propose to meet the customer requirements?
A. HP StoreAll 9000 Storage
B. HP StoreEasy 1000 Storage
C. HP StoreSure 2000 Storage
D. HP StoreEasy 5000 Storage

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 9
A customer requires a solution providing a Network Attached Storage (NAS) environment. The environment must allow clients to continue to work uninterrupted during a failure of any of the NAS file server cluster nodes.
Which feature of an HP StoreEasy solution supports automatic multiple network pathing and aggregates bandwidth?
A. Hosted Branch Cache
B. Single instance Storage (SIS)
C. File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)
D. Server Message Block (SMB) v3

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 10
When designing a solution, what is the best use-case for Solid State Disk drives?
A. To facilitate big sequential writes
B. In non-mission-critical environments
C. For backup to disk solutions
D. For mission-critical server applications, databases, and online storage

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 11
What are HP iLO Management Engine features? (Select two.)
A. Intelligent Provisioning
B. Utilization Manager
C. BIOS Vaccine
D. Agentless Management
E. Lights-Out Recovery

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 12