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Identity the true statement about Custom Menus.
A. Custom menus can provide links to data forms, Business Rules, URLs, and Planning preferences.
B. Custom menus require Java scripting knowledge to create.
C. You can assign security to custom menus so that only specific users or groups can see the custom menu.
D. Custom menus are assigned to data forms only.
E. Custom menus are limited to a single list of tasks; you cannot group them into sub categories.
Answer: A
Explanation: Custom menus can be used to launch the following:

Business Rules

Context sensitive data forms


Context sensitive Process Management

A planner is supposed to be able to submit data within a data form.
What are all the possible causes for an end user not being able to enter data on a data form? Select all that apply.
A. The planning unit is set to first pass.
B. Another user owns the planning unit.
C. The user has read access to the members on the data form.
D. The form contains summary-level members in a bottom up version.
E. The form is set to Read Only.
Answer: C,D,E Explanation: C, E: By assigning access to a data form, you control which users can change its design (for example, its layout and instructions) and input data. Users can select only members to which they have read or write access. Users can edit data forms only if they have access to at least one member of each secured dimension. For example, if users have read-only access to the Europe entity, the rows and columns on data forms that include the Europe entity are displayed as read-only. Users can change data only for members to which they have write access.
D: For bottom-up versions, rows and columns with level 0 members allow data entry. Rows or columns set to a parent member are read-only. The point of view must also be set to the level 0 member to allow data entry on a bottom-up version. Target versions allow data entry in parent and children members.
If you assign children to bottom-up versions, these versions display as read-only parents on data forms.

The Hyperion Planning administrator needs to run several calculations in a specific order against two different databases within the application. Identify the two options that are not valid.
A. Esscmd
B. Calc Script
C. Business Rule Sequence
D. MaxL
E. Business Rule Macro
Answer: A,D Explanation:
ESSCMD is the original command line interface for administration commands.
MaxL, a “multi-dimensional database access language” which provides both a superset of
ESSCMD commands, but with a syntax more akin to SQL, as well as support for MDX queries.

Assuming the following dimensions and members:
Scenario – Actual, Budget and Year – 2010, 2011, you need to create a data form with two columns. One column should list Actual for 2010 and the second column should list Budget 2011. You do not want to show data for Actual 2011 even though the first three months of the year have been loaded from the GL.
What is the best way to only show the 2 columns in the data form?
A. You cannot build a data form with these two columns, hour columns will display: Actual >2010, Actual >2011, Budget->2010 and Budget >2011
B. Use Segments on the data form to create the asymmetric columns.
C. Use User Variables on the data form to create the asymmetric columns.
D. Use a composite data form to meet this requirement.
E. Use data suppression on the data form.
Answer: B
Explanation: Asymmetric rows and columns are ones in which different sets of members are selected across the same dimension.

Identify the three true statements about weekly distribution.
A. For Weekly Distribution options 445, 454, 544, the quarterly values are treated as if they are divided into 13 weeks and the weeks are distributed via a pattern you specify.
B. The only valid weekly distribution options are 445, 454, and 544.
C. If you select the 4-5-4 Weekly distribution option, Planning treats the first month in the quarter as if it has 4 weeks, the second month as If it has 5 weeks, and the third month as if it has 4 weeks.
D. If you choose weekly distribution for Custom-based time periods. Planning will not distribute the data values across base periods.
E. Weekly distribution determines how data entered into summary periods should spread to its base periods.
Answer: A,C,E Explanation: A: If you select a weekly distribution pattern other than Even, Planning treats quarterly values as if they were divided into 13 weeks and distributes weeks according to the selected pattern.
E: Weekly distribution sets the monthly distribution pattern, based on the number of fiscal weeks in a month. This determines how data in summary time periods spreads within the base time period. When users enter data into summary time periods, such as quarters, the value is distributed over base time periods in the summary time period.

What are the three supported methods to create and update a member and its properties (assuming Classic or non-Classic Planning applications)?
A. Planning Web Client
E. Outline Load Utility
Answer: A,B,C Explanation: A: Planning Web Client provides complete functionality for Web users. Use the Web interface to roll out applications to large, distributed organizations without installing software on client computers. All software resides on the server. Many administrative features that were formerly in the Planning Desktop are now available through Planning Web.
B: Oracle Hyperion Essbase Administration Services (Essbase Administration Services) software is a robust, cross-platform graphical user interface that makes Essbase administration tasks easy to perform. Administrators can simultaneously view and edit properties for multiple Hyperion Essbase databases, applications, users, scripts, and other objects from a single intuitive view. Essbase Administration Services also provides wizards, editors, dynamic menus, and other tools to help you implement, monitor, and maintain analytic and enterprise performance management applications.
C: Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA) enables administrators to manage, create, and deploy Hyperion applications within one interface. EPMA can do adds, moves, modify properties, etc.

Identify the one Planning component that is not accessible over the Web.
A. Dimension Editor for Planning
B. Shared Services
C. Exchange Rates Definition
D. Planning Utilities
E. Create and Manage Database Options
F. Create Data Sources
Answer: D
Explanation: Hyperion Planning Utilities can only be used locally.
Identify two true statements about the DATAEXPORT calc script command.
A. Using DATAEXPORT within the FIX statement of a calc script allows you to export specific data sets from an Essbase database.
B. DATAEXPORT only exports level zero data.
C. DATAEXPORT only exports to flat files.
D. DATAEXPORT only exports entire data blocks.
E. DATAEXPORT is faster than Essbase Report.
Answer: A,E
Explanation: A: To develop a calculation script that exports a subset of data, you first specify the
DATAEXPORTOPTIONS command to define options for export content, format, and process Use
FIX#ENDFIX or EXCLUDE#ENDEXCLUDE calculations to select a slice of the database and
use a DATAEXPORTCOND command to select data based on data values.

Note: The DATAEXPORT command enables calculation scripts to export data in binary or text, or
directly to a relational database. A set of data-export-related calculation commands qualify what
data to export and provide various output and formatting options.

Compared to using other methods to export data, using a calculation script has the following
advantages and disadvantages:
Enables exporting a subset of data.

Supports multiple targets: flat files, relational databases, and binary files (not B, C, D)

Provides many flexible options for type and format or data.

As part of a calculation script, can be easily deployed in a batch process.

Can be very fast when the dynamic calculation export option is not used because DATAEXPORT directly accesses Kernel storage blocks in memory. (E)

Provides, through binary export-import, a faster way to back up and restore data because the compressed format used by binary export requires less storage for the export files.

Can be used as a debug tool to trace batch calculation results by using the DATAEXPORT command before and after other calculation commands to track data changes.
Contains limited data formatting options compared to Report Writer formatting.
Identify the three true statements about attribute dimensions.
A. Planning supports hierarchies and aliases for attribute dimensions.
B. Planning supports all attribute types (for example. Boolean, Date, Text).
C. Planning supports varying attributes (where an attribute can vary over one or more other dimensions).

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