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You write a PeopleCode program that checks whether the user is selecting an existing search key value on the Search page or creating a new search key value. Which system variable do you use?
A. %Add
B. &Add
C. %Mode
D. &Mode
E. %Search
F. &Search

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2
Which three statements are true regarding Query Profile? (Choose three.)
A. The Query Profiles page enables users to runexisting queries and create new ones.
B. The Query Profiles page enables you to specify the type of access that users have when they work with PeopleSoft Query.
C. By default, the query profile does not give users access to all PeopleSoft Query features,even if you gave them access to PeopleSoft Query.
D. If a user has more than one permission list, PeopleSoft Query uses the highest time-out value as defined in the Time-out Minutes section of the user’s permission lists.
E. The Query Profiles page enablesyou to restrict the types of queries that users can create, limit the number of rows returned, or set the time that a query can run before it times out.
F. By default, the Only Allowed to Run Queries option on the Query Profiles page is selected, and eachpermission list that is granted to a user or role has the possibility to have capabilities added.

Correct Answer: BDE QUESTION 3
Examine this PeopleCode snippet:
class OCP_ROWSET extends Rowset;
property integer FilledRowCount get;
method OCP_ROWSET(&strRecName As string, &strDataFld As string, &strGetOrCreate As string);

method InsertRow(&iRow As integer) Returns boolean; Select the correct statements. (Choose all that apply.)
A. OCP_ROWSET is the constructor method for the OCP_ROWSET class.
B. Executing the RO_ROWSET method instantiates an object of the OCP_ROWSET class.
C. The OCP_ROWSET method runs automatically whenever an object is instantiated using the OCP_ROWSET class.
D. The OCP_ROWSET method must initialize the ROWSET class.
E. The OCP_ROWSET method is added to the ROWSET class, and, by extension, to any instances of the ROWSET class.

Correct Answer: ACD QUESTION 4
View the Exhibit.
You are testing an application that you just completed. You access the content reference and select a search key. When you click the Search button, you see the error shown in the image.
Select the next course of action.

A. Remove the PS_TS_EMP_REVIEW field from the record definition.
B. Run the Alter process for the PS_TS_EMP_REVIEW record definition.
C. Run the Build process for the PS_TS_EMP_REVIEW record definition.
D. Examine the record definition properties and manually create a BUILD script.
E. Verify that you created and properly configured the PS_TS_EMP_REVIEW page.

Correct Answer: C
Are parameters passed to user-defined internal and external PeopleCode functions by reference or by value?
A. The first parameter is the input parameter, and the second parameter is output parameter.
B. User-defined internal and external PeopleCode functionparameters are always passed by value.
C. User-defined internal and external PeopleCode function parameters are always passed by reference.
D. User-defined internal and external PeopleCode function parameters can be passed as input or as output, dependingon the function.
E. User-defined internal and external PeopleCode function parameters can be passed by reference or by value, depending on the function.

Correct Answer: C
Select the two rules about PeopleSoft prompt table mechanics. (Choose two.)
A. The prompt matches fields based on name, data type, and length.
B. The prompt automatically filters the rows based on higher-level key values in the buffer.
C. The prompt selects the highest-level key on the prompt record definition unless the EFFDT field is present.
D. The prompt automatically selects for the lowest-level key on the prompt record definition ignoring the EFFDT and EFF_STATUS fields.

Correct Answer: BD
Select the two characteristics of summary pages that set them apart from non-summary pages. (Choose two.)
A. They are display-only.
B. They contain only level zero.
C. They typically contain no related fields.
D. They reference one record definition.
Correct Answer: AC
Here is a partial list of events in the Component Processor flow. 1.SQL select
Search page

Record defaults

Add row to buffer

Standard system field edits

Wait for user interaction What is the correct order?
A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
B. 2, 1, 4, 3, 6, 5
C. 6, 2, 1, 4, 3, 5
D. 2, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6
E. 2, 4, 5, 1, 3, 6

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 9
Select the three primary advantages of using the Message Catalog. (Choose three.)
A. Messages are reusable.
B. You can enter messages through a browser.
C. Developers can secure messages through Definition Security.
D. Developers can search for and use messages in Application Designer.
E. Messages in the catalog are easier to translate in globalization situations.

Correct Answer: ABE QUESTION 10
View the Exhibits.
Examine the two pages and select the correct statement.
A. You can group these pages in the same component.
B. You cannot group these pages in the same component.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 11
Select the four items that you can use as translate values for the COLOR field. (Choose four.)
B. W-02
F. 1-BL
Correct Answer: ABCF QUESTION 12
View the Exhibit.
Which two PeopleCode snippets contain syntax errors? (Choose two.)
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

Correct Answer: BE
View the Exhibit.
You begin to register a component using the registration wizard. Based on the values that appear in the dialog box, select the best course of action.

A. Continue registering the component as it is.
B. Stop the registration process to investigate why this component isalready registered.
C. Change the user-facing fields to mixed case and make them less technical and then continue registering the component.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 14
Select the three tasks that you can perform using the Registration Wizard. (Choose three.)
A. Add pages to existing components.
B. Add components to existing menus.
C. Add components to a portal registry.
D. Add components to a permission list.
E. Create new menus and add components to the new menus.

Correct Answer: BCD QUESTION 15
View the Exhibit.
Based on this Build dialog box, select the two options that are true. (Choose two.)
A. When you click the Build button, the TS_EMP tables are created.
B. When you click the Build button, nothing happens to your database.
C. When you click the Build button, the TS_EMP tables may lose existing data.
D. When you click the Build button, the TS_INSTSCHD_VW view is created.
E. When you click the Build button, Application Designer generates a script file.

Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 16
What type of PeopleCode looping construct continues to loop as long as the logical_expression evaluates to TRUE?
A. For
B. While
C. Do While
D. Do Until
E. Repeat-Until

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 17
View the Exhibit.
As the Component Processor loads a component, it executes PeopleCode programs according to buffer allocation rules. Each row in the table represents a PeopleCode program and its associated definition, scroll level, and
In what order will the programs execute?
A. A, B, C, D, E
B. A, D, E, B, C
C. B, C, A, D, E
D. A, C, D, B, E
E. E, D, C, B, A

Correct Answer: D
The Run Status column on the Process List page indicates the current state of a process.
Assume that the Process Scheduler server is running, which three statements are true regarding the Run Status column on the Process List page? (Choose three.)
A. Initiated status indicates that a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server has acknowledged the new request. At this time, PeopleSoft Process Scheduler validates the parameters that are associated with this request and submits the command line to start the process.
B. Queued status indicates that this process has successfully initiated the program and the program is running.
C. Pending status indicates that this item is waiting for a previous item in the job before PeopleSoft Process Scheduler releases this item. When the previous item has completed successfully, PeopleSoft Process Scheduler changes the status of the item to Queued.
D. Processing status indicates that PeopleSoft ProcessScheduler has successfully initiated the program, and that the program is running.
E. No Success status is same as the Error status, which indicates that the program that is associated with the process request encountered an error while processing transactions within the program.

Correct Answer: ACD
For the Employee Expenses application, a PeopleCode program could be placed either on the EMPLOYEE record or on the EMP_EXPENSE component. You decide to place it on the component.
Which is a valid reason for choosing to place the program on the component instead of the record?
A. The program updates multiple database tables.
B. The program validates data across multiple records.
C. Component PeopleCode executes before record PeopleCode, so it is more efficient.
D. The record definition is used on several components, but this program should run only on this component.
E. The program initializes fields on the search page, and the search record is associated with the component.
F. The component contains several record definitions and you do not want to duplicate the code in each record.
G. Component PeopleCode is more reusable because component PeopleCode is available for execution on other components.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 20
Select three steps that you perform when you create a subrecord. (Choose three.)
A. Insert fields.
B. Build the record.
C. Set field properties.
D. Set record field properties.
E. Select the SubRecord record type.

Correct Answer: ADE
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