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When SiteScope is integrated with OMi, what information does SiteScope send asynchronously, directly to OMi?
A. Events and Health Indicators, based on SiteScope test results
B. CI configuration details
C. KPI status, based on SiteScope test results
D. Performance results, based on SiteScope tests

Correct Answer: A
In the OMi event browser, you want to help another operator by entering additional information for an event that is owned by that operator. What should you do to accomplish this?
A. Select event, select the Annotations tab, click the New Item asterisk icon to add an annotation, type in the information, click Ok.
B. Select event, click Resolve button, select the Annotations tab, click the New Item asterisk icon to add an annotation, type in the information, click Ok.
C. Select event, click Work on button, select the Annotations tab, click the New Item asterisk icon to add an annotation, type in the information, click Ok.
D. Select event, click Reopen button, select the Annotations tab, click the New Item asterisk icon to add an annotation, type in the information, click Ok.

Correct Answer: A
What do event assignment rules enable you to do?
A. send events to connected servers, based on event filters
B. directly assign specific incoming event types to individual users
C. automate user group ownership for events matching a filter
D. configure the assignment of events to CIs and Event Type Indicators

Correct Answer: C
The OMi integration with Service Manager uses a Groovy Script Adapter as its integration type. When configuring this connection, what needs to be edited in the Groovy script that is supplied by OMi?
A. Fully Qualified Domain Name of the Service Manager server
B. User credentials for a Service Manager user with administrative permissions
C. Web tier details in the DRILLDOWN_ROOT_PATH variable
D. Fully Qualified Domain Name of the HP BSM data processing server
Correct Answer: C
How does OMi determine which events to automatically forward to other connected servers?
A. It specifies a list of CIs. Any events that are related to a CI in the list are forwarded.
B. The administrator defines Event Fowarding Rules, which are defined with an event filter. Any events that match the filter are forwarded.
C. OMi automatically forwards the Cause events that are correlated using TBEC rules.
D. It specifies a list of CI types. Any events that are related to a CI of a type that is in the list are forwarded.

Correct Answer: B
What is used to unify comparable events from different sources?
C. CI Resolver hint
D. OM events

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Correct Answer: A
Which statement is true about configuring custom actions? (Select two.)
A. You can modify message contents to increase usability.
B. You can run actions against a customizable set of CIs.
C. An operator can perform individual parameterizations of actions.
D. Any kind of batch, executable and URL action can be chosen.
E. The provided Groovy script will perform the requested action.

Correct Answer: AE
What must you do when deploying HP BSM servers?
A. Use the Server and Database Configuration utility to establish connectivity between the server and the databases.
B. Establish client-server communication between BSM servers.
C. Point the BSM data collector applications (BPM, SiteScope, etc.) to the event server.
D. Ensure that each server has a read access account to the database servers.

Correct Answer: A
What is the primary tool used to determine the scope, size, and recommended installation of a specified HP BSM deployment?
A. Capacity Calculator
B. Deployment Configuration Calculator
C. Machine Requirements Calculator
D. OMi Installation Guide
Correct Answer: A
HP BSM management servers can be installed on which operating systems? (Select two.)
A. HP-UX 11.11
B. HP-UX 11.23
C. Solaris 10
E. Windows 2003 Server/Enterprise R2
F. Windows 2008 Server/Enterprise R2
Correct Answer: EF QUESTION 11
Which servers are required when deploying HP BSM in support of OMi? (Select two.)
A. BSM Event Server
B. BSM Data Processing Server
C. BSM Authorization Server
D. BSM Gateway Server
E. BSM Correlation Server

Correct Answer: BD

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