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Which interface provides the ability to see changes in real-time as they occur?
A. ConcunentMap
B. java. util. AbstractMap
C. ObservableMap
D. InvocableMap
Answer: C
Coherence provides the ideal infrastructure for building services, and the
A. Data Grid, Client and Server based
B. Ouster, Client and Server based
C. Data Grid, DNS based
D. Cloud cluster, Client and Server based
Answer: A
Node Manager is a WebLogic Server that enables you to start, shut down, and restart Administration Server and Managed Server instances from a remote location.
A. Instance
B. Utility
C. Destination
D. Ouster
Answer: B
Which two Oracle products come pre-packaged with Oracle’s JRockit JDK?
A. Oracle WebLogic Server
B. Oracle Coherence
C. Oracle Database
D. Oracle Real Time Operations Control
Answer: A,B
Which three of the following are considered Fixed Asset Depreciation Rule Components?
A. International Depreciation Methods
B. Header
C. Annual Rules
D. Rule Conventions
E. Predefined Depreciation Methods
Answer: B,C,D
As a best practice, what would you change in the following command line to create successful domain template “My WebLogic Domain”?
Pack -domain=C: \oracle\user_projects\domains\mydomain – template=C:\oracle\user_templates\mydomain -template_name=”My WebLogic Domain”
A. Pack -domain=C:\oracle\user projects\domains\mydomain.dll – template=C:\oracle\user_templates\mydomain.jar -template_name=”My WebLogic Domain”
B. Pack-domain=C:\oracle\user_projects\domains\mydomain.jar – template=C:\oracle\userJ:emplates\mydomain -template_name=nMy WebLogic Domain”
C. Pack -domain=C:\oracle\user_projects\domains\mydomain – template=C:\oracle\user_templates\mydornain.jar -template_name=”My WebLogic Domain”
D. Pack -domain=C:\oracle\user_projects\domains\mydomain.jar – template=C:\oracle\user_templates\mydomain.jar -template_name=”My WebLogic Domain”
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 7

In a typical production environment, which server(s) hosts the application?
A. Node Server
B. Administration Server
C. Managed Server
D. Configuration Server
Answer: C
In a typical production environment, which server(s) hosts the application?
A. Node Server
B. Administration Server
C. Managed Server
D. Configuration Server
Answer: C
Which three data source integrations are provided by Coherence out of the box?
A. TopLink Grid and TopLink Essentials
B. Java Persistence API (JPA)
C. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
D. File System
E. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
Answer: A,B,E QUESTION NO: 10

Which two statements are true about the Application Grid?
A. Application Grid computing brings key industry-leading technologies like MS IIS and Grade WebLogic Server together.
B. Application Grid computing promotes well architected sharing of resources.
C. Application Grid computing is based on Oracle’s RAC technology.
D. Application Grid computing results in more predictable behavior through better Instrumentation and more optimal allocation of resources.
Answer: B,D
Which statement is true about XpauseTarget in Oracle JRockit JVM?
A. This option is supported by all type of Garbage collection modes.
B. This option is only supported by Generational Garbage Collection mode.
C. This option is only supported by Mark and Sweep Garbage Collection Model.
D. This option is only supported by Dynamic Garbage Collection Model.
Answer: D
Identify the feature of WebLogic JMS: If the message destination (5, not available at the moment the sages are being sent, either because of network problems or system failures, then the messages are saved on a local server instance, and are forwarded to the remote destination once it becomes available.
A. Unit of Work
B. Store-and-Forward
C. Unit of Order
D. Distributed Destinations
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 13

In Real Operations Insight, metrics are sent from the various WebLogic Suite components into Enterprise Manager for and .
A. Optimization
B. Visualization
C. Automation
D. Customization
Answer: A,C
When scaling Coherence from one to two cache servers, it will not show the same scalability as two to four. Why?
A. Coherence uses a more efficient TCMP algorithm going from two to four cache servers.
B. When going from one to two cache servers, object backups are copied across servers so work is doubled, but going from two to four is a fixed amount of work.
C. Near cache is enabled with a larger quorum thus performance is improved.
D. All of the above.
Answer: B

This is a special WebLogic Server instance included by the WebLogic Server Domains. It represents a central point from which you configure and manage all resources in the domain.
A. Managed Server
B. Web Server
C. Administration Server
D. Node Server
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 16
You are an Enterprise Architect in a large IT organization. Your organization has deployed applications on a variety of containers such as WLS, WebSphere, and JBoss.
Why would you consider consolidating on a single type of container (instead of a mix)?
A. Guarantee of higher application performance and reliability if the transactions are flowing between instances of the same container type.
B. Easier to build a Shared Services infrastructure that can provide best practices, tools and expertise around HA/Management… with a single type of container than a mix of multiple types.
C. You’ll save on hardware costs with a homogeneous environment.
D. It’s a necessary step in our move toward adopting SOA.
Answer: B
Which two statements are true when a Coherence cluster member is lost?
A. Remaining members recover by repartitioning the data across the remaining cluster members in parallel with normal request processing.
B. Some latencies may be experienced due to higher priority of recovery.
C. In flight operations may be lost.
D. A system administrator must manually assist recovery of the lost data.
Answer: A,B

Which two statements are true about Oracle JRockit Mission Control (JRMC)?
A. JRMC is platform neutral. It supports most JVMs in market.
B. JRMC is used for Deep visibility and analysis of single JVMs.
C. JRMC comes with custom in-memory agents and is supported by standard APIs (JVMT1).
D. JRMC is bundled with the WebLogic Suite and WebLogic Server EE.

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