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If the material entered in the sales order is not available, how is the user alerted to this situation?
A. The availability control screen is displayed.
B. The system automatically sets the order quantity to zero.
C. The incompletion log displays the unconfirmed schedule line as a missing field.
D. The system highlights the schedule line.
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2
Which of the following elements can directly influence whether an availability check will be performed? (Choose two)
A. The schedule line category in the sales document
B. The item category in the sales document
C. The delivery type
D. The checking group in the material master

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 3
According to the system, there is no stock available; however, you still receive a confirmed schedule line in the sales order.
What is the reason for this confirmation?
A. Inventory management creates a stock transfer when the sales order is saved.
B. The availability check was carried out, and on saving, the system immediately rescheduled the sales order according to the customer priority.
C. The availability check that was carried out included a replenishment lead time in the scope of check.
D. The system automatically searches other plants for inventory and transfers this inventory to the plant with zero inventory in the sales order.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 4
Based on which of the following dates is the availability check (ATP) carried out?
A. Requested delivery date
B. Material availability date
C. Confirmed delivery date
D. Replenishment lead date Correct Answer: B
In which of the following scenarios can you use the material listing function?
A. To set a list of materials that the customer can buy
B. To generate a detailed report about materials
C. To set a list of materials that the customer cannot buy
D. To group materials to different lists
Correct Answer: A
A company wants to give their customers an additional free laptop for every 10 laptops they buy of the
same model.
Which of the following scenarios would implement this?

A. Free goods with an exclusive bonus quantity that increases the quantity without generating a subitem
B. Free goods with an inclusive bonus quantity that generates a subitem
C. Free goods with an inclusive bonus quantity using the free goods calculation rules
D. Free goods with an exclusive bonus quantity using the free goods calculation rules
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following actions are part of the configuration of the material determination function? (Choose three)
A. Assign the material determination procedure to a sales document type.
B. Define the substitution reason that determines whether a manual or automatic substitution process should be used.
C. Assign the material determination procedure to a sales area.
D. Specify the relevant substitution reason in the access sequence.
E. Define condition tables in Customizing (IMG).
Correct Answer: ABE
As a member of the project team, you are asked to set up the system so that a user has to enter an order reason when he or she processes a sales order. It should be possible to save the incomplete order, but further processing should not be possible until the Order Reason field is filled.
How do you implement this requirement?
A. Define an incompletion procedure with the Order Reason field and assign a status group in which the General, Delivery, and Billing Document fields are selected.
B. Define an incompletion procedure with the Order Reason field and assign it to a sales document type that has the “Incompletion Message” indicator set.
C. Define an incompletion procedure with the Order Reason field and mark it as mandatory.
D. Define an incompletion procedure with the Order Reason field, assign it to the sales document type, and set the status to “released for further process steps.”
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 1

Which of these components is included in SAP Solution Manager?
A. Service Desk
B. Enterprise Search
C. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
D. Master data management
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is a benefit of SAP Solution Manager?
A. It reduces the cost of implementation and continuous improvement.
B. It provides common master data management within all SAP systems.
C. It enables central Enterprise Search within all SAP systems.
D. It reduces the number of systems and operates only one central IT landscape.
Correct Answer: A
For which of the following can you use SAP Solution Manager?
A. To enable SAP application help
B. To enable SAP Note search
C. To implement the SAP Service Marketplace
D. To implement and operate SAP solutions
Correct Answer: D

How does SAP make new functions of the SAP ERP system available to the customer?
A. Via enhancement packages
B. Via Support Packages
C. Via best practices
D. Via add-ons
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 1

What is the purpose of using billing due lists? (Choose two)
A. To release orders that are blocked for billing
B. To process sales orders and deliveries that are due for billing
C. To periodically create billing documents
D. To initiate a dunning run in financials
Correct Answer: BC
Which complaint request document is created with a mandatory reference to a billing document?
A. Returns
B. Advanced returns request
C. Credit memo request
D. Invoice correction request
Correct Answer: D
A customer is to be billed on the last day of every month, regardless of when the order and the delivery are processed.
Which procedure fulfills this requirement?
A. Use the condition technique and assign a billing date determination profile to the payer’s customer master record.
B. Maintain a factory calendar with a single date per month and assign it to the payer’s customer master record.
C. Maintain a customer-specific billing due list variant and schedule a periodic job.
D. Maintain a billing date profile and assign it to the sales document type.
Correct Answer: B
What data elements that are delivered with the SAP standard configuration represent split criteria in billing creation? (Choose three)
A. Terms of payment
B. Material group
C. Ship-to party
D. Payer
E. Billing date
Correct Answer: ADE QUESTION 1

Which of the following is controlled by the configuration of the billing type?
A. How account determination takes place
B. Whether order-related billing is supported when using this billing type
C. Whether a billing plan is determined when using this billing type
D. How the item category within the billing document is determined
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following statements regarding the cancellation of billing documents are correct? (Choose two)
A. When you create the cancellation document, it is possible to change the pricing conditions.
B. The cancellation of a billing document leads to resetting of the billing status on the originally billed delivery or sales order.
C. Only line items that are already cleared in Financial Accounting can be cancelled.
D. When you save the cancellation document, the corresponding posting is automatically executed in Financial Accounting.
Correct Answer: BD
After you have saved the billing document, the following message appears in the status bar: “Document 90036111 saved (no accounting document generated).”
What are the possible reasons why no accounting document has been created? (Choose two)
A. The account determination cannot determine an account, or determines an account that cannot be posted to automatically.
B. A posting block was set for the billing document type. This allows only the controlling documents to be generated.
C. There is a configured posting block in the billing type; therefore, the blocked billing document has to be released.
D. The reference number and assignment number differ; therefore, accounting documents cannot be generated.
Correct Answer: AC
In addition to the external balance sheet, you want to create an internal balance sheet based on additional criteria particularly with regard to divisions.
How do you fulfill this requirement?
A. Create business areas and assignment rules to determine the particular business area.
B. Create business areas and assign them directly to company codes.
C. Create business areas and assign them by using the account assignment group for payers.
D. Create an additional company code that is flagged as relevant for the internal balance sheet.
Correct Answer: A
Your customers submit payment for open accounts receivables by referring to the sales order document number, not the invoice number. You maintain the Customizing settings so that the sales document number is transferred as the reference number in the accounting document.

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