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Your requirement is to allow only one industry for a given Account. What would you do to start to meet the requirement?
A. Create a new Industry table.
B. Create a new foreign key on S_INDUST that points to S_ORG_EXT.
C. Validate there is a foreign key on S_ORG_EXT that points to the Industry business component’s main table.
D. Validate there is a foreign key to the Industry business component’s main table on the S_ORG_INDUST table.
E. Validate there is a foreign key on the Industry business component’s main table that points to the S_ORG_EXT table.

Correct Answer: C
What are view Web template items?
A. View object definitions
B. Applets that have been bound to a view
C. Controls that have been bound to an applet
D. Siebel tags used to define the applet parameters in a view

Correct Answer: B
View the Exhibit.
You need to check the main corporate address for the Service Request. Which column is the appropriate foreign key to use to access the data?


Correct Answer: B
Which assignment deployment method would you most likely use to get a list of qualified candidates in order to select the best person for assignment?
A. Batch assignment
B. Dynamic assignment
C. Interactive assignment
D. Manual assignment

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 5
Your team extended the Siebel database by creating a new stand-alone table. Select the two true statements. (Choose two.)
A. This table does not contain a ROW_ID column.
B. The user key for this table is ROW_ID, NAME, TYPE.
C. The table cannot be added to an existing dock object.
D. This table contains a PAR_ROW_ID column acting as a foreign key to the S_PARTY table.
E. You can create an intersection table to support M:M relationships between business components based on this table and other business components.

Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 6
Which statement is true of Customer data?
A. includes static, referential data
B. has access controlled at the record level
C. can be grouped into catalogs and categories
D. is created and managed by only company administrators

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 7
Which EIM Delete process option should you use to delete just the rows from an EIM table that contain a specific word?

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 8
The hyperlinks in Siebel Tools do not appear. What might the problem be?
A. The Web update protection key is invalid.
B. The Drilldown Add-in has not been installed.
C. You do not have the appropriate responsibility.
D. Siebel Tools is not properly connected to the data source.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 9
Which three products do you have the option of installing with the Siebel Enterprise Server Installer? (Choose three.)
A. Siebel Tools
B. Siebel Server
C. Siebel Web Client
D. Sample Database
E. Gateway Name Server
F. Siebel Web Server Extensions
G. Database Configuration Utilities

Correct Answer: BEG
The No Delete property on the Contact business component is set to FALSE and the No Delete property on the Contact Form applet is set to TRUE. How does this affect the ability to delete a record through the client using the Contact Form applet?
A. Users will be able to delete a record because the least restrictive setting is used.
B. Users will not be able to delete a record because the most restrictive setting is used.
C. Only the record owner will be able to delete a record because of the conflicting settings.
D. Users will be able to delete a record because the business component setting overrides the applet setting.

Correct Answer: B
Which three does Siebel task UI support? (Choose three.)
A. Undo
B. Pause/Resume
C. sharing of tasks
D. transferring of tasks
E. branching within a task

Correct Answer: BDE
Which two are true regarding the Application Deployment Manager package descriptor file? (Choose two.)
A. It is manually moved to the package directory.
B. It is generated via the admpkgr generate command.
C. It is automatically generated by the export processes.
D. It is used by the deploy copy command to create the deployment session.
E. It is used by the deploy load command to map contents to the Management Server database.
Correct Answer: BE
Which three are true about the workflow process simulator in Siebel Tools? (Choose three.)
A. supports simulating interactive workflows
B. requires both Siebel Tools and a Siebel Client
C. requires the use of a local developer database
D. supports editing of process properties during a simulation
E. supports simulating workflows that involve a server component
F. supports simulating workflows with a run-time event on a start step
Correct Answer: ABD QUESTION 14
What does Enterprise Integration Manager use to prevent duplication of records during processing?
A. Primary keys
B. Foreign keys
C. User keys
D. Indexes

Correct Answer: C
You have created a new button on an applet that will launch a workflow. You want the workflow to process the current record. What do you do?
A. configure a Control User Property to pass [Id] to the workflow
B. configure an Applet User Property to pass [Id] to the workflow
C. add a Row ID process property to the workflow
D. set the Pass Row ID property of the button to True

Correct Answer: B
You have been asked to create a multi-value group for contacts phone numbers. What should your first step in this configuration be?
A. Create a new business component to store these phone numbers.
B. Determine which column on the base table you can use to store these phone numbers.
C. Determine which column on the one-to-many extension table you can use to store these phone numbers.
D. Run the MVG Wizard in Siebel Tools, specify the business component, and have it automatically select the appropriate column.
E. Examine the existing application to determine whether there is already a multi-value group you could leverage to store phone numbers.

Correct Answer: E
Which Siebel business entity represents businesses external to your company that could be a current or potential client, business partner, or competitor?
A. Contact
B. Account
C. Position
D. Opportunity

Correct Answer: B
You created a new form applet. During your testing, one of the controls does not display any data. Which two could cause this? (Choose two.)
A. The control is not mapped to a web template item.
B. The control is not mapped to a field on the business component.
C. The Join property on the single value field that the control maps to is blank.
D. There is no data in the database for the column to which the control maps.
E. The RUNTIME value is set to FALSE on the picklist associated with the control.
Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 19
What is the primary difference between an organization and a division?
A. Divisions can be deleted, organizations cannot.
B. Organizations can be deleted, divisions cannot.
C. Positions are assigned to organizations, and not divisions.
D. Organizations are used for Access Control, divisions are not.

Correct Answer: D
You are creating a new view which contains a list applet at the top and a form applet at the bottom. Both applets are based on the same business component.
For one set of users, all the data shown in both applets should be editable. For another set of users the form applet should not allow deletes or updates.
What should you do?
A. Create two views and set the No Update property to TRUE for one of them.
B. Create two views and set Read Only View to TRUE when you add one to the responsibilities.
C. Create two list applets and set the No Delete and No Update properties to TRUE for one of them.
D. Create two form applets and set the No Delete and No Update properties to TRUE for one of them.
E. Create two business components set the No Delete and No Update properties to TRUE for one of them.

Correct Answer: D
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