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What two statements are true when you are using SQL Tuning Advisor and create a SQL Profile to improve performance of a SQL statement issued by a packaged application?
A. You need to regularly run SQL Tuning Advisor to verify if the SQL Profile can be replaced with a better one.
B. After a SQL Profile is created, it will then run efficiently for the life of the database.
C. The SQL Profile rewrites the SQL Statement issued by the application so it appears to the Optimizer as a perfectly written SQL statement.
D. You can have only one SQL Profile active at one time for a single SQL statement.
E. You need Oracle Database 12c or later to use SQL Profiles.
F. SQL Profiles can be used for non-Oracle databases like Microsoft SQL Server, if the Tuning Pack is licensed.

Correct Answer: AE
A customer has database performance issues within their Oracle Real Application Cluster. What is the next step?
A. Run the V$RAC script to dump all the RAC statistics and look for what has the highest metric accumulation.
B. Use the application load testing utility to overload a copy of their application in development to flush out the issue.
C. Turnoff RAC interconnects to isolate any network issues impacting database performance problems.
D. Use a third-party RAC tool to identify the bad SQL and then rewrite it.
E. Utilize the Oracle Database Performance Method to help identify and correct issue.

Correct Answer: E
For which two capabilities would you implement Segment Advisor in order to aid a customer trying to find and fix performance issues related to database space?
A. to determine if objects have unused space that can be released
B. to advise if materialized views can be used to reduce size of views
C. to review space usage of individual schema objects or tablespaces
D. to advise if there are any duplicate indexes and automate their removal
E. to identify any fragmentation in the database cache or swap space

Correct Answer: AC
What are three activities an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution enables a customer to perform?
A. standardize database troubleshooting and diagnostics
B. control database clouds.
C. automate database performance management
D. perform global database backup
E. outsource database operations
F. replay and test actual workloads to assure database performance and consolidatios.
Correct Answer: CDE
Which two would automatically create an entry in V$SQL_MONITOR?
A. a parallelized SQL statement
B. any SQL statement run
C. any DML statement
D. a statement that consumes at least 1 second of CPU or I/O time.
E. a statement that consumes at least 5 second of CPU or I/O time.
F. any DDL statement

Correct Answer: CF
Reviewing Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) reports for CPU and I/O exceptions, the time model displays SQL execution elapsed time as a major component of DB Time. Which two are next steps to diagnose the problem further?
A. Review Operating System processes for any zombies.
B. Review SQL statistics from the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR).
C. Run a STATSPACK report.
D. Review Automatic Database Diagnostic (ADDM) recommendations.
E. Review all system configuration parameters.

Correct Answer: CD
An advanced fault diagnostic infrastructure introduced as of Oracle Database 11g, assigns an incident number and diagnostic data when a critical error occurs. What is the feature and where does it store that data?
A. Oracle Enterprise Manager. Data is stored in the OEM Repository.
B. MyOracle Support. Data is stored in Oracle Cloud.
C. Automatic Workload Repository. Data is stored in views inside the Oracle database.
D. Automatic Diagnostic Repository. Data is stored in views inside the Oracle database.
E. Automatic Diagnostic Repository. Data is stored in a file-based repository outside the database.

Correct Answer: E

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