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You experienced a sudden power outage and your UPS unit failed. As a result, your Linux system went down without shutting down cleanly. Now your system won’t boot. To fix the problem, what should you do to start fixing the problem?
A. Boot from your CD or DVD and select Memory Test
B. Boot from your CD or DVD and select Rescue System
C. Boot from your CD or DVD and select Installation – Safe Settings
D. Boot from your CD or DVD and select Installation – ACPI Disabled
E. Boot from your CD or DVD and select Installation – Local APIC Disabled
Answer: B
On a SLED 10 workstation, how many primary partitions are you limited to per hard disk?
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five
E. Six
Answer: C
You are looking at the partition space of your partitions on your third SCSI hard disk on your SLED 10 workstation. Which device identifies the first partition on your third SCSI hard disk?
A. /dev/sdc1
B. /dev/sdc2
C. /dev/sdc3
D. /root/sdc1
E. /root/sdc2
F. /root/sdc3
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 4

When does a SLED session begin?
A. When a user logs in
B. When the computer reboots
C. Each time the screen unlocks
D. When a user switches desktops
E. Every time Session Manager performs a system action
Answer: A
If your Identity Vault doesn’t contain the classes or attributes required by other applications, what can you do?
A. Disable the bidirectional framework.
B. Extend the eDirectory schema to include them.
C. Run Identity Manager and edit the metadirectory.
D. Run the applications and select the classes or attributes you want to share.
Answer: B

How should Identity Manager’s seven services be installed and configured?
A. On a single computer
B. Only on the Novell Audit Server
C. With as many instances of the metadirectory engine as systems on a network
D. One or more services per computer, but not recommended to have all seven on a single computer in a production environment
Answer: D
You work in an organization that maintains many different levels of restricted information. When someone requests access to certain information, individuals with approval rights approve or deny the request. What Identity Manager component streamlines this process?
A. JBoss
B. Event Cache
C. Novell Audit Agent
D. Role-based entitlements
E. The Metadirectory engine
F. Workflow-based provisioning
Answer: F
You are the architect of an identity management solution for your company. What component of Identity Manager would you use to create a big picture view of the identity management solution?
A. Designer
B. Provisioning Module
C. Identity Manager Architect
D. Novell Identity Manager User Application
Answer: A

Which is a startup option for Identity Vault Driver Objects?
A. Manual: The driver must be started through iManager.
B. SafE.The driver starts with a driver shim to allow for troubleshooting.
C. XML: The driver allows you to directly edit the XML scripts while it is running.
D. Subscriber: The driver only sends events from the connected system to the Identity Vault.
E. Extend SchemA.The driver detects classes and attributes that aren’t yet in eDirectory and prompts you as to whether to extend the schema to include them.
Answer: A
How are Identity Vault objects mapped to a connected system?
A. Each connected system is assigned a distinguished name each time Identity Manager is launched.
B. Each object in the Identity Vault contains an association table that maps to the connected systems.
C. Each connected system already contains a reverse-indexed table that supplies an identifier to the Identity Vault.
D. An association table is created if matching policies detect at least 90% of the attributes are the same on the connected system.
Answer: B
Which statements are true? (Choose 2.)
A. There is no evaluation period offered for OES 2.
B. Licenses can be downloaded at
C. All OES licenses are purchased on a user-connection basis.
D. You are authorized to install as many OES 2 servers as you need.
E. OES 2 licenses determine the number of OES 2 servers you can install.
Answer: C,D


With nothing to download or install on the user’s workstation, which OES 2 service provides the solution for simple, Internet-based access to file storage?
A. Novell iFolder
B. Novell eDirectory
C. Novell NetStorage
D. Novell Storage Services
E. Novell Key Distribution Center
Answer: C
On a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, where is the default location for the eDirectory database?
A. /etc/novell/dib
B. /opt/eDirectory/dib
C. /var/novell/eDirectory/dib
D. /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/dib
E. /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data/dib
Answer: E
After installing OES 2 on your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, where are the init scripts used to start and stop OES 2 services located in the server’s file system?
A. /etc/rc.d/
B. /etc/init.d/
C. /etc/rc.d/init.d/
D. /etc/novell/init.d
E. /etc/opt/novell/init.d/
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 15

On a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, which log file contains messages from running processes?
A. /var/log/warn
B. /var/log/boot.log
C. /var/log/boot.msg
D. /var/log/messages
E. /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log/ndsd.log
Answer: D
Which shell commands can be used to unload the eDirectory daemon on a SLES 10 server? (Choose 2.)
A. rcedir stop
B. rcldap stop
C. rcndsd stop
D. rcnovell-edir stop
E. /etc/init.d/edir stop
F. /etc/init.d/ldap stop
G. /etc/init.d/ndsd stop
H. /etc/init.d/novell-edir stop
Answer: C,G

Regarding eDirectory, which is an example of a typeful fully distinguished name?
A. .BJohnson
B. cn=BJohnson
C. BJohnson.SLC.da
D. cn=BJohnson.ou=SLC.o=da
E. .cn=BJohnson.ou=SLC.o=da
Answer: E QUESTION NO: 18

Which best describes context in an eDirectory environment? (Choose 2.)
A. The parent partition.
B. An object’s position in the tree.
C. Your current position in the tree after logging in.
D. An object that contains properties for other objects to inherit.
E. The position where the server holding the master replica resides.
Answer: B,C
Which are recommendations when designing the upper layer of an eDirectory tree? (Choose 2.)
A. Create multiple tree root objects.
B. Create multiple Organization container objects.
C. Keep the eDirectory tree name short, descriptive and unique.
D. Have server names represent the first-level container objects in which they reside.
E. Create first-level organizational units that represent the physical network infrastructure.
Answer: C,E
When installing OES 2 on your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 system, eDirectory version 8.8 SP2 is installed. What is the maximum number of objects that can exist within a single container in your eDirectory tree?
A. 1000
B. 2500
C. 10,000
D. 15,000
E. 50,000
F. No limit other than those imposed by your server and network hardware. Answer: F

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