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Exam Code: 70-410
Exam Name: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
Updated: Aug 31, 2017
Q&As: 503

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Which principle of training best describes a previously active client, who has been ill and bed-ridden for a
prolonged period of time?
A. Overload
B. Specificity
C. Reversibility
D. Progression
070-410 exam Correct Answer: C
If you are palpating the thumb side of the forearm in the wrist area, what pulse are you checking?
A. Humeral
B. Ulnar
C. Brachial
D. Radial
Correct Answer: D
What is the correct order of the regions of the spinal column, from superior to inferior?
A. Cervical, lumbar, thoracic, sacral and coccyx.
B. Coccyx, sacral, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical.
C. Cervical, thoracic, lumbar, coccyx, and sacral.
D. Cervical, thoracic, lumbar,sacral, and coccyx.
70-410 dumps Correct Answer: D
Which muscle is an antagonist of the hamstrings?
A. Gastrocnemius
B. Iliopsoas
C. Gracilis
D. Sartorius
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following physiological changes does NOT occur when a client improves aerobic capacity?
A. The muscles will be able to extract more oxygen from the blood.

B. Total lung volume will increase in proportion to the total accumulated time of high-intensity exercise.
C. The oxygen carrying capacity of the blood will increase.
D. The amount of air the lungs can take in will increase because of increases in the rate and depth of
070-410 pdf Correct Answer: B
As the intensity of dynamic exercise increases, which of the following sets of responses occurs?
A. Heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and diastolic blood pressure increase.
B. Heart rate and systolic blood pressure increase, diastolic pressure remains unchanged.
C. Heart rate and systolic blood pressure increase, stroke volume and cardiac output remain the same.
D. Stroke volume decreases, heart rate and cardiac output increase.
Correct Answer: B
From a seated position, with dumbbells to the sides, raising the dumbbells laterally to shoulder level with
elbows slightly flexed, exercises primarily the _______:
A. bicep brachii and latisimus dorsi
B. posterior deltoid
C. anterior deltoid and triceps brachii
D. middle deltoid.
070-410 vce Correct Answer: D
What is the major muscle used to flex the hip joint?
A. Vastus lateralis
B. Iliopsoas
C. Biceps femoris
D. Gluteus maximus
Correct Answer: B
A subject with elbows held at 90 degrees of flexion is handed a 150 lb (68.1kg) barbell. Even though he
exerts maximal tension, the barbell causes the joint angle to increase to 170 degrees. Which one of the
following describes the muscle action during the extension?
A. Isotonic concentric
B. Isotonic eccentric
C. Isokinetic concentric
D. Isokinetic eccentric
070-410 exam Correct Answer: B
Type II muscle fibers:
A. Have a high capacity to generate energy through the electron transport system.
B. Have a high capacity to generate energy from fat.
C. Are recruited at a higher percentage of maximum force than Type I fibers.
D. Have high endurance capabilities.

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is a normal blood pressure (BP) response to aerobic exercise?
A. Both systolic and diastolic BP increase proportionately to increases in workload.
B. Systolic BP increases and diastolic BP decreases.
C. Systolic BP increases proportionately to increases in workload and diastolic BP remains unchanged or
decreases slightly.
D. Systolic and diastolic BP both decrease at the onset of exercise, then increase in proportion to the
increase in intensity.
70-410 dumps Correct Answer: C
Which rotator cuff muscle abducts the arm?
A. Infraspinatus
B. Supraspinatus
C. Subscapularis
D. Medial deltoid
Correct Answer: B
Which energy system has the highest capacity for ATP production?
B. Rapid glycolysis
C. Slow glycolysis
D. Oxidative phosphorylation
070-410 pdf Correct Answer: D
What plane divides the body into upper and lower sections?
A. Sagittal
B. Frontal
C. Transverse
D. Median
Correct Answer: C
When performing neck flexion in the sagittal plane, which of the following exercises best mimics that
A. Cartwheel
B. Somersault
C. Bicep curl
D. Leg curl
070-410 vce Correct Answer: B
Under which of the following circumstances would you expect to see the highest rise in blood lactate?
A. During maximal exercise lasting between 60 and 180 seconds in the untrained client
B. Prior to treadmill walking in the cardiac patient
C. During maximal exercise lasting between 60 and 180 seconds in the athlete
D. After moderate intensity cycling exercise in the client with Type 2 diabetes
Correct Answer: C
Typical movements in the weight room such as a biceps curl using free weights and leg press actions
using a machine are best described as ____________ muscle actions.
A. plyometric
B. isokinetic
C. ballistic
D. isotonic
070-410 exam Correct Answer: D
The latissimus dorsi acts as the prime mover during the concentric phase of which of the following
A. lat pulldown
B. flat bench press
C. lateral raise
D. incline bench press
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following bones facilitate the movement of the chest during both 70-410 dumps inspiration and expiration?
A. clavicle
B. scapula
C. carpal
D. scalene
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is characterized as a plane (uniaxial) joint?
A. Coxal (hip)
B. Atlantooccipital
C. Radiocarpal (wrist)
D. Sacroiliac
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following indicates the reason why a female who is pregnant should avoid exercise in the
supine position after the first trimester?
A. obstruction of arterial blood flow
B. risk of orthostatic hypotension due to obstructed venous return
C. obstruction of the diaphragm

D. risk of decreased oxygen consumption due to pressure on the uterus
070-410 pdf Correct Answer: B
As a response to a progressive resistance training program, which of the following demonstrates the
predominant contribution to an increase in the cross-sectional area of a muscle?
A. atrophy and possibly hypertrophy
B. hyperplasia and possibly hypertrophy
C. atrophy and possibly hyperplasia
D. hypertrophy and possibly hyperplasia
Correct Answer: D
What is an appropriate precaution and/or modification for exercising in higher ambient temperatures?
A. Take salt tablets.
B. Drink eight ounces of water once per hour.
C. Select proper loose-fitting, lightweight clothing.
D. Train in clothes designed to trap and hold body heat.
070-410 vce Correct Answer: C
What is the intensity recommendation for the initial conditioning stage of a cardiovascular program?
A. 10% to 20% of heart rate reserve
B. 20% to 30% of heart rate reserve
C. 40% to 60% of heart rate reserve
D. 60% to 85% of heart rate reserve
Correct Answer: C
Approximately how long is the initial conditioning phase of a cardiovascular training program?
A. Four weeks
B. Eight weeks
C. Twelve weeks
D. Sixteen weeks
070-410 exam Correct Answer: A

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