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Part: A
1: Will the following SELECT query list all of the tables in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA
database? If not, why?
B.No; the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database does not contain information on itself.
C.No; the WHERE clause is incorrect. The correct field name is TABLE_SCHEMATA.
D.No; there is no table in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database called TABLES.

Correct Answers: A
2: Which of the following are some general capabilites of the mysql client program?
A.Create and Drop databases
B.Ping the server
C.Create, Drop, and modify tables and indexes.
D.Shutdown the server.
E.Create users.
F.Display replication server status.
Correct Answers: A C E F
3: Suppose you have a server that has been started with the –myisam-recover option. When does
the server perform the check on the MyISAM tables?
A.Each time the server is started.
B.Each time it encounters an error.
C.Each time it opens the MyISAM table files.
D.Each time the CHECK TABLE command is issued.
Correct Answers: C
4: Consider the following query:
WHERE table_schema = ‘world’
AND table_name = ‘Country’
What would be the result of executing this query?
A.An error would be issued

B.A warning would be issued
C.The row would be deleted from the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES table, and the table
Country would be dropped from the world database
D.The row would be deleted from the INFORMATION_SCHEMA, but the table Country in the
world database would be unaffected.

Correct Answers: A
5: Which mysqld command line option disables incoming TCP/IP connections?
A.–shared-memory B.–memlock C.–no-networking D.–skip-networking

Correct Answers: D
6: What are some advantages of using the SHOW command rather than using the
A.It is available for releases older than MySQL 5.0.
B.It returns results quicker than using the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.
C.Using SHOW can provide more concise information.
D.SHOW is a feature of standard SQL, and INFORMATION_SCHEMA is a MySQL specific
Correct Answers: A C
7: Index analysis and optimization using ANALYZE and OPTIMIZE statements should… A.generally never be run manually run once the table reaches 100,000 rows or above run when more than 5% of the rows are changed by a single statement run when EXPLAIN SELECT shows that an inordinate amount of rows is expected to be read during query execution run when you suspect that a table is heavily fragmented

Correct Answers: D E
8: Suppose you have a column in which most records are going to be between 30 and 32 characters. Which of the following column types would be most efficient? A.VARCHAR B.CHAR C.TEXT D.Either VARCHAR or CHAR

Correct Answers: B
9: Which of the following APIs/connectors are included in a MySQL distribution? A.Connector/J B.Connector/ODBC
C.C API D.Connector/NET E.Connector/MJX

Correct Answers: C
10: Which of the following are some benefits of using MySQL built binaries over binaries built by
A.They are highly optimized.
B.They are cross-platform.

C.Many are built using commercial compilers that produce a better quality build than with freely
available compilers.
D.They will work with tools such as MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser.
E.They may include libraries not available in the standard operating system library.
Correct Answers: A C E
11: Assume you compile MySQL from source and invoke configure with the following options.
–with-charset=latin1 –with-extra-charsets=utf8,ucs2
Compared to a standard binary installation that contains many more character sets, which of the
following statements is/are true?
A.The compiled version will use less disk space, because only a few character sets will be
installed on disk.
B.The compiled version will use less memory, because only a few character sets will be loaded by
the server.
C.The compiled version will use less file handles, because only a few files need to be opened
when the server is started.
Correct Answers: A B
12: Which of the following are true for how BTREE and HASH index types should be used for
MEMORY tables?
A.HASH index types are only for use with equality comparisions such as those using the = and
<=> operators.
B.BTREE index types are preferable for use with comparisons that do not just use equality
operators such as = and <=>
C.BTREE index types are only for use with equality comparisons such as those using the = and
<=> operators.
D.HASH index types are preferable for use with comparisons that do not just use equality
operators such as = and <=>
Correct Answers: A B
13: Which of the following are some general properties of the mysqlimport client program?
A.It loads data files into tables.
B.It can load files only on the server host.
C.It provides a command-line interface to the LOAD DATA INFILE.
D.It can load files both on the client and server host.
E.It bypasses the server and writes directly to the corresponding data files.
Correct Answers: A C D
14: Which of the following statements are true?
A.InnoDB supports Foreign Keys.
B.MyISAM supports Foreign Keys.
C.InnoDB supports cascaded DELETE statements.
D.MyISAM supports cascaded DELETE statements.
E.InnoDB supports cascaded UPDATE statements.

F.MyISAM supports cascaded UPDATE statements.

Correct Answers: A C E
15: In a standard MySQL installation which of following files are stored below the data directory? A.Format files for all the tables B.Data and index files for MyISAM tables C.InnoDB tablespace files D.General server logs E.MySQL upgrade script files

Correct Answers: A B C D
16: Which of the following statements is true for mysqldump?
A.It can dump data only on remote servers.
B.It can dump data only on the local server.
C.It can dump data on both local and remote servers.
Correct Answers: C
17: Which of the following best describes the scope of explicitly and implicitly set locks?
A.Explicitly set locks may span several commands.
B.Implicitly set locks may span several commands.
C.Implicitly set locks will span only one statement or transaction.
D.Explicitly set locks will span only one statement or transaction.
Correct Answers: A B C
18: MySQL is a multi-threaded database server. Every connection to the database server is handled by it’s own thread. A.True B.False

Correct Answers: A
19: Which of the following are true regarding the table cache? A.It is used to cache row data in open tables B.It holds file descriptors for open tables C.The size of the table cache may be set per-session D.Each connection has its own table cache. They are of equal size, set globally. E.There is one table cache, shared among all sessions. F.Increasing the size of the variable table_cache allows mysqld to keep more tables open simultaneously

Correct Answers: B E F
20: The ANALYZE TABLE command should be used…
A.When you need to find out why a query is taking a long time to execute.
B.To improve performance by updating index distribution statistics.
C.After large amounts of table data have changed.

D.To check a tables structure to see if it may have been damaged and needs repair.
Correct Answers: B C

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