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You have started a violations table for a target table with a non default name. (For example: “START VIOLATIONS TABLE FOR customer USING exceptions, reasons;”). How can you determine the relationship between the violations table and the target table later?
A. Using dbschema utility
B. Using ‘oncheck -pT’ command
C. Querying sysdepends system catalog table
D. Querying sysviolations system catalog table

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 2
Which is NOT a valid option to improve service for connection requests under TCP/IP protocol?
A. Adding sm_listen threads.
B. Adding listener threads for additional ports.
C. Dynamically increase the number of listener threads using onmode -P commands.
D. Adding an additional network-interface card to service Informix connection requests.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 3
An Informix server is configured with multiple CPU VPs and poll threads and is experiencing NSF lock errors. What action should be taken to reduce the network shared file lock contention?
A. Increase the value of MAX_INCOMPLETE_CONNECTIONS.
B. Increase the value of NUMFDSERVERS and add more poll threads.
C. Increase the value of NUMFDSERVERS and increase the number of MSC VPs.
D. Increase the network buffer pool using the IFX_NETBUF_PVTPOOL_SIZE environment variable.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 4
What command unlocks the storage catalogs when using the Primary Storage Manager?
A. onbar -d unlock
B. onpsm -C unlock
C. onmode -C unlock
D. onsmsync -c unlock

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 5
How do the MAX_PDQPRIORITY onconfig parameter and the PDQPRIORITY environment variable work together to constrain access to PDQ resources?
A. PDQPRIORITY is the only constraint.
B. MAX_PDQPRIORITY is the only constraint.
C. The minimum of the two values is the actual constraint.
D. The constraint is MAX_PDQPRIORITY / 100 * PDQPRIORITY / 100.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6
Which ONCONFIG parameter would you use to disable the automatic creation or extension of chunks?

Correct Answer: C
Which statement is FALSE regarding SBSPACES?
A. They are recoverable.
B. They do not obey transaction isolation modes.
C. They have read, write, and seek properties similar to a standard UNIX file.
D. Smart large objects within table rows are not required to be retrieved in one statement.

Correct Answer: B
Assuming network connectivity between two Informix instances, which file may need additional configuration to allow distributed queries?
A. sqlhosts
B. /etc/services
D. /etc/hosts.equiv

Correct Answer: D
Which type of device does Primary Storage Manager support?
A. File
B. Tape
C. Directory
D. Named pipe
Correct Answer: A
Which two statements are true about blobspace? (Choose two.)
A. The TEXT or BYTE objects are stored in the logical log files.
B. A blobspace is a logical storage unit that stores only TEXT and BYTE data.
C. The TEXT or BYTE objects that are assigned to a blobspace are physically logged.
D. A newly created blobspace is immediately available for storage of TEXT or BYTE data.
E. The database server writes data stored in a blobspace directly to disk without passing it through the bufferpool.
Correct Answer: BE
store1, store2, store3 and store4 are defined as four servers participating in a GRID.

Which statement is true?
A. The SELECT query is not a GRID query.
B. The SELECT query will return results from all grid servers.
C. The SELECT query will return results from store1 and store2.
D. The SELECT query will return results from store3 and store4.

Correct Answer: D
Which statement about Storage Provisioning is true?
A. Only raw devices can be extended.
B. Only cooked devices can be extended.
C. Only unmirrored spaces can be extended.
D. Mirrored and unmirrored spaces can be extended.

Correct Answer: C
The DBA updated the uto_crsd?Scheduler task in the SYSADMIN database with the following SQL commands:The DBA updated the ?uto_crsd?Scheduler task in the SYSADMIN database with the following SQL commands: UPDATE ph_task SET tk_enable = ?WHERE tk_name = uto_crsd?UPDATE ph_task SET tk_enable = ??WHERE tk_name = ?uto_crsd? UPDATE ph_threshold SET value = ?WHERE name = UTODEFRAG_ENABLED?UPDATE ph_threshold SET value = ??WHERE name = ? UTODEFRAG_ENABLED? UPDATE ph_threshold SET value = ?000?WHERE name = UTOCOMPRESS_ROWS?UPDATE ph_threshold SET value = ?000?WHERE name = ? UTOCOMPRESS_ROWS? What will be the effect of auto_crsd database scheduler task on the tables?
A. Compress all tables with less than 5000 rows.
B. Compress and defragment tables with more than 5000 uncompressed rows.
C. Compress, repack and shrink tables with more than 5000 uncompressed rows.
D. Do not compress, repack, shrink and defragment any table with more than 5000 rows.
Correct Answer: C
Which feature can be enabled in Informix?
A. Automatic addition of a CPU VP.
B. Automatic addition of an ADM VP.
C. Automatic extension of storage spaces.
D. Automatic addition of message log files.

Correct Answer: C

Which statement is NOT true about a Storage Pool?
A. You can create multiple storage pools per database server.
B. You can add, modify, delete, and purge storage pool entries.
C. Priorities can be used to determine space allocation order.
D. It consists of any combination of a raw device, a cooked file, or a directory.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 16
Which operation can benefit from PDQ?
A. Checkpoints
B. Data replication
C. DML Statement
D. Login Log flushing

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 17
You need to create a new role for users on stores database. Which system catalog table can be checked to ensure the uniqueness of the new role name?
A. stores:sysusers
B. sysmaster:sysroles
C. sysuser:sysroleauth
D. sysmaster:sysusers

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 18
For a query to be processed by the accelerator, the query or query block should meet the certain criteria. Which statement is FALSE?
A. The query or query block must include at least 2 fact tables.
B. The query or query block must refer to a subset of the tables in the AQT.
C. The scalar and aggregate functions in the query or query block must be supported by the Informix Warehouse Accelerator.
D. The table references or joins specified in the query or query block must be the same as the references in the data mart definition.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 19
When executing the following command: execute function sysadmin task(“table compress”, “customer”) what will happen to the customer table?
A. Only newly added rows will be compressed.
B. Only existing data will be compressed, new data will remain uncompressed.
C. Row data and partition blobs will be compressed and any free table space will be released.
D. Row data and partition blobs will be compressed and the space allocated to the table will remain.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 20
Which statement about DataBlade modules is true?
A. All DataBlades located in the $INFORMIXDIR/extend are automatically registered.
B. All built-in extensions are automatically registered when the extension is first accessed.
C. All built-in extensions are automatically registered each time the database sever is started.
D. All built-in extensions are automatically registered when the database server is first initialized.

Correct Answer: B
Which two types of locks are used by Informix to access a shared memory buffer? (Choose two.)
A. Byte
B. Shared
C. Update
D. Exclusive
E. Promotable

Correct Answer: BD
Which statement is FALSE about Informix Automatic checkpoint Feature?
A. Automatic checkpoints cause less logical log activity.
B. Automatic checkpoints try to avoid transaction blocking.
C. Automatic checkpoints cause the database server to trigger more frequent checkpoints.
D. Automatic checkpoints can be dynamically enabled or disabled by using onmode -wm or onmode -wf.

Correct Answer: A
Which is a valid Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) mode in Unix?
A. Login mode
B. Client mode
C. Server mode
D. Password mode
Correct Answer: D
When you take a level 2 backup, what data is backed up?
A. All new data since the last level 1 backup.
B. All new data since the last level 2 backup.
C. All logical logs which have not previously been backed up.
D. All new data since the last level 0, level 1 or level 2 backup.

Correct Answer: A
Which of configuration parameter can be increased to improve the performance of flushing dirty buffer pages during checkpoints?

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