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Which must be installed on the target server P2P migration?
A. HP Insight Dynamics ProLiant
B. HP Insight Control
C. HP iLO Advanced for BladeSystem
D. HP Insight Control server deployment
Correct Answer: B Explanation
Referring to the exhibit, which Smart Carrier innovation was introduced with the HP ProLiant server platform to help reduce/eliminate downtime as a result of the wrong hard drive being removed after a failure?

A. When a drive fails, the backlight flashes blue to auto locate. The drive status goes to amber.
B. When a drive fails, it turns amber. The remaining healthy drives are held in place with an automatic latch mechanism to present removal.
C. When a drive fails, it is disabled and powered off. The remaining healthy drives illuminate the Do not LED.
D. When a drive fails, it turns amber. The remaining healthy drives illuminate the Do Not remove LED.
Correct Answer: D Explanation
Explanation: (Page 3, Resiliency, 4th

Reduce failures and downtime–HP Smart Drives deliver the best overall customer experience and
improves uptime. Virtually eliminate inadvertent drive removal with an icon-based display and a “Do Not
Remove” indicator during a drive failure. HP Predictive Spare Activation identifies and resolves failures
before they occur and automatically moves data to a spare device.

You instated Hyper-V on a BL460 G6. Which RBSU advanced setting should be changed?
A. Hyperthreading
B. Intel Virtualization technology
C. hardware pre-fetcher
D. option ROM loading sequence
Correct Answer: C Explanation
Which HP web-based tool can be used to configure a solution of servers, storage and networking along with services, allowing an export of the final solution?
A. Sizing Tool for VMware vSphere
B. Simplified Configuration Environment
C. Sizer for Microsoft Hyper-V R2
D. Enterprise Configurator Workbench
Correct Answer: B Explanation
Reference: http://h22174.www2.hp.com/SimplifiedConfig/Index
A customer needs a direct attached based storage for a BladeSystem and wants a solution that enables low cost zoned or shared storage.
Which type of HP external storage meets the customer requirements?
A. Direct Connect SAS storage
B. Infiniband
C. Fibre Channel over Ethernet
D. Serial Attached SCSi
Correct Answer: A Explanation
Explanation: http://h18006.www1.hp.com/products/storageworks/sas_solution/index.html (Overview, first para) With the direct connect SAS storage for HP BladeSystem, HP extends and redefines direct- attached storage for BladeSystem servers. Now you can build local server storage on the fly with zoned storage, or enable low cost shared storage within the rack
Which HP tool assists in estimating power consumption selection, including power supplies, at a system, rack, and multi-rack levels?
A. UPS Sizing Tool
B. Insight Control Manager
C. Power Advisor
D. Power Protector
Correct Answer: C Explanation
http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/solutions/power/index.html (first para) The HP Power Advisor is a
tool provided by Hewlett-Packard to assist in the estimation of power consumption and proper selection of
components including power supplies at a system, rack, and multi-rack level.

A customer chose HP ProLiant for a VMware project that involves providing high availability for old and non-cluster aware application. The customer asks how to best protect against physical hardware failure in the VMware environment.
Which HP component provides the ability to v-Motion VMs to another physical server if a hardware-based pre-failure event occurs?
A. Insight Foundation with vSphere integration
B. Insight Control Virtualization Management
C. OpenView Operations 5 for VMware
D. Indight Control for VMware
Correct Answer: B Explanation
Explanation: http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/12631_div/12631_div.HTML
Insight Control enables you to get the most out of a unified physical and virtual server infrastructure. Insight Control offers an out-of-the-box solution that can receive a predictive failure alert and automatically evacuate all VMs from a VMware ESX host server by initiating VMware DRS. VMware ESXi 5 environments also support lockdown/non-lockdown modes, autoboot, and stateless/stateful modes. Lockdown mode provides for increased security of ESXi hosts.
Flexible move capabilities allow multiple usage scenarios. In high-availability situations that do not allow service interruptions, Live Move (initiate VMware vMotion technology from Insight Control
An external storage device is connected to HP ProLiant Gen8 servers VMware 5.0i. You want to create a shared datastore for all the servers. After creating a LUN on a storage device, what is the correct procedure to do this?
A. Present the LUN to one ESXi server, using the storage configuration tool, create a VMFS datastore and enable Round Robin or MRU policy for that datastore.
B. Present the LUN to the server running VCenter, create a datastore and present it to the ESXi servers.
C. Present the LUN to all servers and format it with the VMFS file system from any of them, the remaining servers will recognize the newly created datastore.
D. Present the LUN to one of the servers and create a datastore; enable access for the remaining servers.
Correct Answer: C Explanation
A customer Installed Insight server deployment on a server that also hosts the DHCP server. Which option is required on the DHCP server for HP Insight Control server deployment to register PXE clients?
A. Option 5 name Server
B. Option 15 Domain Name
C. Option 50 Address Request
D. Option 60 Class ID
Correct Answer: D Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp? lang=en&cc=us&taskId=110&prodSeriesId=332359&prodTypeId=18964&objectID=c03310264
Which HP solution delivers secure monitoring diagnosis, and problem resolution at no charge HP support?
A. 10 Proactive Carepacks credits
B. Collaborative Support for third-party troubleshooting
C. Insight Remote Support
D. iLO Advanced pack
Correct Answer: C Explanation
Reference: http://blogs.technet.com/b/storageserver/archive/2013/02/26/hp-storeeasy-storage- (see HP Insight remote support) appliances-and-gateways.aspx
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