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How does HP CSA manage the creation or maintenance of individual users in CSA organizations?
A. It maps user roles through membership in LDAP groups.
B. It uses a local user database to replicate the LDAP group membership.
C. It uses a local user database to verify that corresponding LDAP group membership exists for the each user.
D. It uses the underlying user database.

Correct Answer: B
An HP BladeSystern customer asks for guidance from HP to better understand the potential or cloud for their business.
Which HP service should you suggest?
A. Cloud Roadmap Service
B. CloudStart Service
C. Cloud Design Service
D. Converged Cloud Workshop

Correct Answer: A
What is Representational State Transfer (REST)?
A. A simple, dynamic architectural style that exploits existing web protocols
B. A closed, stateful (persistent) object push model based on standard web protocols
C. A web service that uses basic create, read, update, and delete operations performed on resources
D. A simple, stateful, and consistent object push model based on standard web protocols

Correct Answer: C
How does HP OneVSew support open integration? (Select two.)
A. Using PowerShell or Python libraries
B. Using Java API scripting
C. Using a RESTful API
D. Using BladeSystem Onboard Administrator
E. Using Virtual Connect Modules

Correct Answer: AC
Your customer wants to try an OpenStack-based private cloud for their internal development team while also minimizing CAPEX Which HP offering would you recommend?
A. HP CloudSystem Matrix
B. HP OpenStacKHelion Community Edition
C. HP CloudSystem Foundation
D. HP CloudSystem Enterprise
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 6
Refer to the Exhibit.

What does this graphic represent?
A. An SLA gap analysis
B. A CI-CM gap analysis
C. A TCO gap analysis
D. An ROI gap analysis

Correct Answer: B
Which user interface is used to add compute nodes in your HP CloudSystem environment?
A. HP CloudSystem Portal
B. HP CloudSystem Console
C. HP CSA Marketplace Portal
D. HP CSA Consumer Console

Correct Answer: A
You are deploying CloudSystem Foundation to your customer’s environment. The customer wants to access their deployed instances by using Floating IP addresses. On which network type do the Floating IP addresses reside?
A. Deployment Network
B. Provider Network
C. External Network
D. Private Network

Correct Answer: D
What are characteristics of REST as leveraged by HP OneView? (Select two.)
A. Is a simple, stateless architecture
B. Runs via secure TCP sockets only
C. Maintains transient state for multi-tier application deployments
D. Consistent API with a common data model

Correct Answer: BD
Which choice outlines the process to install HP CloudSystem Enterprise?
A. From the HP CSA Management Console main menu, choose the Enterprise link.
B. Import the appropriate Enterprise OVF, and start the virtual machine.
C. From the HP CloudSystem Portal main menu, choose the Enterprise link.
D. From the HP CloudSystem Console main menu, choose the Enterprise link.

Correct Answer: D
A customer wants to use an HP Converged Infrastructure solution to deploy their new big data environment in a way that leverages HP Reference Architectures and best practices as part of the packaged solution. Which HP integrated system best meets this requirement?
A. HP CloudSystem Service Provider
B. HP CloudSystem Foundation
C. HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA
D. HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Vertica

Correct Answer: C
Which components are included in an HP Converged System 700 expansion kit? (Select two)
B. Server blades
C. Virtual Connect modules
D. Tiber optic cables
E. Direct-attach copper cables

Correct Answer: CE
Which features are available in HP CloudSystem Enterprise but not in HP CloudSystern Foundation? (Select three.)
A. HP Helion Public Cloud as a resource provider
B. HP OneView
C. Topology Designer
D. Sequential Designer
E. CloudSystem Portal
Correct Answer: BDE QUESTION 14
What is one core value of HP Helion solutions?
A. They offer an open architecture that lets customers deploy applications on multiple deployment models.
B. They offer confidence by avoiding unstable open source solutions and focusing on end-to-end proprietary solutions.
C. They offer consistency by giving customers the only public cloud solution that they need for all applications.
D. They offer a secure solution that is locked in to the company private cloud or managed private cloud

Correct Answer: A
Which HP Helion portfolio solution offers pay-as-you-go compute, storage, and platform services to customers who want to consume but not build cloud services?
A. HP Helion Public Cloud
B. HP Helion Development Platform
C. HP HelionOpenStack
D. HP CloudSystem Enterprise

Correct Answer: D
A company wants its own cloud solution that provides services that its users want to consume. It also wants a cloud provider to build and operate the cloud services. Which deployment model does this company need?
A. Public cloud
B. Hybrid cloud
C. Managed cloud
D. Private cloud

Correct Answer: C
What role do services play in HP Helion solutions?
A. HP Professional Services and specialized services delivered by authorized HP channel partners help customers succeed and are a key differentiator for HP Helion
B. HP Professional Services can help customers to succeed, but they are only recommended in special circumstances.
C. Cloud customers do not typically care about services, so HP services do not play an important role.
D. Cloud customers might want services, but they find a similar level of service from the open source community and HP.
Correct Answer: A
What is one key competitive advantage of HP over Cisco in the private and hybrid cloud market?
A. HP offers stronger, less confusing management solutions and more public cloud choices for hybrid solutions.
B. HP and Cisco both integrate OpenStack at the same level but Cisco lacks strong partners.
C. HP is based on stronger proprietary code than the open source code used in the Cisco solution.
D. HP is relatively more expensive than Cisco but provides quicker return on investment
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 19
Enterprise employees need to code prototype cloud-native applications and test those applications on a small-scale. Which HP Helion solution is targeted to these needs?
A. HP HelionOpenStack
B. HP OpenStack Professional Support
C. HP CloudSystem
D. HP Helion Development Platform Community

Correct Answer: B
A customer has a virtualized environment but has not implemented any cloud services. Is this customer qualified for an HP Helion solution?
A. This customer is qualified, particularly if the company is trying to increase service automation
B. This customer is not qualified because the virtualized environment provides the same benefits as cloud services
C. This customer is qualified, particularly if the company is trying to increase its investment in capital expenditures
D. This customer is not qualified because HP Helion is only targeted at customers who have already begun to implement cloud services.

Correct Answer: C
What is one business value of hybrid IT that an HP Helion solution enables?
A. The company has more security for its workloads in the public cloud because they are protected by two forms of encryption
B. The company has greater efficiency in meeting the infrastructure power demands.
C. The company has fewer operating costs because the development team takes over the role of the IT team.
D. The company has the flexibility to deploy workloads on traditional IT, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud

Correct Answer: B
What is one benefit of adding the Platform, Applications, and Analytics (PAA) bundle to CloudSystem Enterprise software?
A. It provides a console that administrators can use to add resources from abstract pools to specific projects.
B. It provides a set of tools that help businesses develop spreadsheets in a distributed object environment.
C. It provides an end user portal that a development team can use to order up services on demand with a few simple clicks.
D. It provides additional capabilities to CloudSystem Enterprise for a Platform as a Service with more comprehensive lifecycle management.
Correct Answer: D
How do HP Helion Education Services help your customer’?
A. They provide classes that employees can take to extend their skills in the design, implementation, and support of cloud services
B. They provide help in developing a business case for moving to the cloud
C. They provide a blueprint for building a cloud solution that meets business requirements
D. They provide interactive workshops that help employees understand the New Style of IT and how it helps businesses achieve their goals.

Correct Answer: C
HP envisions a “New Style of IT”. In the new style, what is the focus of IT?
A. Expanding network infrastructure to better meet users’ demands
B. Moving from a purely supportive role to becoming an internal service provider
C. Identifying technologies to help IT improve its role as a support organization
D. Providing consistent services for wired and wireless access

Correct Answer: D
A customer is purchasing an HP HelionOpenStack solution. The customer’s key objective is that employees can start coding cloud applications as quickly as possible using a variety of scripting languages. Which other solution should you offer?
A. HP Cloud Service Automation
B. HP Helion Development Platform
C. HP Operations Orchestration
D. HP HelionOpenStack Community Edition

Correct Answer: C
How did Forrester and Ovum rate the HP private cloud solutions in 2013?
A. Both Forrester and Ovum rated HP at the second tier.
B. Forrester rated HP as a leader, and Ovum rated HP as a challenger (second tier).
C. Forrester rated HP as a strong performer (second tier), and Ovum rated HP as a leader.
D. Both Forrester and Ovum rated HP as a leader (first tier).
Correct Answer: D
What is one of the software components included with CloudSystem Enterprise?
A. HP Public Cloud Backup as a Service
B. HP Helion Development Platform
C. HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA)
D. HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC)
Correct Answer: B
What support does HP CloudSystem Enterprise provide for public cloud offerings?
A. It supports only HP Helion Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings.
B. It supports a variety of public cloud offerings, including HP Helion Public Cloud and third- party clouds.
C. It does not support any public cloud offerings.
D. It supports only HP Helion Public Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.

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HP0-D31 Exam Materials, Most Hottest HP0-D31 Dumps PDF Is Your Best Choice