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You upgrade the BIOS to the current version. Customers logs in and discover that a specific software application does not work.
A. Downgrade the BIOS to the previous version
B. Contact HP for a replacement system board
C. Contact HP for a replace BIOS chip
D. Upgrade the affected software application
Answer: A

Your customer’s computer reboots with no warning. What should you try first to help isolate this? (Select two)
A. Replace the system board and test
B. Remove any third party hardware
C. Check system event log
D. Restore the unit and reinstall
Answer: B,C

Your customer indicates that Windows in not recognizing their MultiBay hard disk drive. What can be done first to isolate this problem?
A. Set the MultiBay hard disk drive as a slave
B. Reinstal the factory image
C. MultiBay is not an HP supported configuration
D. Reseat the MultiBay hard disk drive
Answer: D

The system does not recognize a hard drive in the external MultiBay. The drive is not seated properly. Remove and reinsert the drive. The drive was inserted while the notebook was on, in Standby, or Hibernation.
Always shut down the notebook before removing or inserting a hard drive. The drive is damaged. Replace the hard drive.


What can you do with a MultiBay hard disk drive?
A. Increase the size of the existing hard disk drive
B. Attach a SCSI drive
C. Install an additional hard disk drive
D. Daisy chain multiple hard disk drives
Answer: C

Where would you confirm a spare part number?
A. HP PartSurfer
B. device manager
C. HP parts library
D. Windows Control Panel
Answer: A

What tool do you use to test ESD equipment?
A. volt meter
B. osciloscope
C. ohm meter
D. amp meter
Answer: C

Electrostatic discharge protection
A sudden discharge of static electricity from your hand or another conductor can destroy static- sensitive devices or micro circuitry. You might not feel or hear the spark, but it can cause damage. An electronic device exposed to electrostatic discharge (ESD) may not be affected at all, or the device may function normally for a while, and then degrade in the internal layers, reducing its life expectancy. Networks built into many integrated circuits provide some protection, but in many
cases, the discharge contains enough power to alter device parameters or melt silicon junctions. You should regularly check your ESD equipment using an ohmmeter.

Your customer is having problems after installing memory in their computer. What should they do?
A. DPS test
B. Event Viewer
C. Device Manager
D. Task Manager
Answer: A

What is the primary benefit of HP 3D DriveGuard?
A. it protects hard drive from moisture damage
B. it detects sudden motion and temporarily stops hard disk
C. it encrypts the hard disk drive data
D. it enhances Windows Aero security performance
Answer: B

HP DriveGuard and HP 3D DriveGuard -Formerly known as HP Mobile Data Protection, this technology helps prevent hard disk drive failure and loss of data if the notebook is dropped or moved while running

The operating system doesn’t load. What is the first step you should take to determine if a third- party component is related to the problem?
A. Replace the third party component
B. Remove the third party component
C. Call the third party vendor’s support line
D. Update the component drivers/software
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 10

Your customer is experiencing intermittent lockups on a computer kept inside. What is most likely cause?
A. vibration
B. temperature
D. altitude
Answer: B

Your customer is trying to configure extended monitor support across two monitors and ******
A. OSD settings
B. Display BIOS
C. display proprieties
D. system BIOS
Answer: C

When a processor display a temperature warning, what do you do first?
A. Replace the cache
B. Reseat the processor
C. Check the environment
D. Install a new processor fan
Answer: C

Prior to creating a set of recovery disks, using the HP Backup and Recovery Manager, a customer’s.
A. The new hard drive will come with the OS already installed
B. HP can provide a set of recovery disks
C. Use the recovery media created on another PC of the same model
D. Use the recover OS option within the BIOS
Answer: B,C

Windows XP computer stops responding during startup. How could you isolate the cause with minimal impact to the customer?
A. Replace the hard drive
B. Restore the factory image
C. Examine the win. ini file
D. Enable boot logging
Answer: D

What is an adequate ESD precaution?
A. Touch a metallic portion of the case to establish ground
B. Plug the computer into a power outlet
C. Put on a grounded wrist strap
D. Carry electronic parts in a plastic bag
Answer: C

Grounding” in the following text refers to being connected to a dissipative mat through a wrist strap, with both wrist strap and dissipative mat having a higher impedance than real ground potential. The dissipative mat will ultimately connect to ground, to bleed electrical energy gradually rather than a sudden collapse to real ground potential. We do not want to be actually “grounded”, which has a very low impedance, and would create the risk of electric shock. Prepare the area -Remove paper, clothing, plants, tape, styrofoam and other insulators from your workspace to prevent charging by induction. Also, clutter is distracting, and can lead to lost tools and increased errors. Set ii|> the mat -Set up a static dissipative mat on your workspace. Connect mat common point to ground -Firmly connect the ground cord to the snap-on connector on the mat and to one of the following: The equipment ground A tested electric ground connection The equipment chassis Attach wrist strap cord to common point -Connect the wrist cord strap to the snap-on connector for the common point ground. Do not clip the ground cord or the wrist strap to the dissipative surface of the mat. Do not attach the wrist strap to a connector on the opposite end of the mat from the grounding wire. Put on wrist strap -Put on the wrist strap. Before you use any personal grounding devices, you must test and inspect them according to your company procedures to ensure that they are in working order. If available, you should always carry a wrist strap tester to check your wrist strap in the field. Maintain grounding at all times -Ensure you have the wrist strap on all the time you are at the workspace.

Your customer complains about a short battery life on their notebook. What do you do first?
A. Fully drain and charge the battery
B. Tell them to use power only
C. Replace the battery
D. Order a high capacity battery
Answer: A

Where can the embedded SATA RAID be configured on desktops and workstations?
A. with controller configuration software
B. in the embedded controller BIOS
C. in the system BIOS
D. F12 RAID configuration
Answer: C

After creating an OS Restore CD with Backup and Recovery Manager, you are unable to create an OS Restore ISO image
A. The OS must be validated and regenerated by calling HP
B. Once a set of Recovery Media is created, the OS vendor must provide an ISO code
C. Once a set of Recovery Media is created, you can no longer create ISO image
D. The OS must be validated and regenerated on HP web site
Answer: C

You are performing a service call to replace a failed hard disk drive in a factory. Water form the factory’s manufacturing process has cover the hard disk drive. How does this environmental condition affect the system warranty?
A. The warranty does not cover damage due to environmental conditions
B. An accidental damage warranty must be purchase after damage occurs
C. The warranty is unaffected by environmental issues
D. Environmental issues void warranty of diskette drives, mice and keyboards only
Answer: A

Which devices can be used in the external USB port? (Select two)
A. PCI card
B. monitor C. CD/DVD D. hard disk
Answer: C,D

An external hard disk drive is a type of hard disk drive which is externally connected to a computer. Modern entries into the market consist of standard SATA, IDE, or SCSI hard drives in portable disk enclosures with SCSI, USB, IEEE 1394 Firewire, eSATA client interfaces to connect to the host computer Most internal drives for personal computers, servers and workstations are designed to fit in a standard 5.25″ drive bay and connect to their host via an ATA or SATA interface. External drives usually have USB or FireWire interfaces. Some portable versions for laptop use power themselves off batteries or off their interface bus. External MultiBay An external USB MultiBay is a standalone device that provides support for MultiBay devices using the USB port. Newer versions support hot docking and undocking when used with Windows

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HP HP2-Q01 Exam Test Questions, The Most Effective HP HP2-Q01 Demo Free Download Will Be More Popular