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An industry-leading insurance company in the UK has decided to build a redundant vSphere 5.1 infrastructure cluster with an HP BladeSystem and HP 3PAR StoreServ storage platform. As their consultant, you propose redundant HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosures, FlexFabric Interconnect modules, and four HP ProLiant BL660c Gen8 Servers, with two dual port Flex- Fabric LOMs in a vSphere ESX5.1 HA cluster. The support department needs to decrease the time of infrastructure management.
Which HP product provides hardware-level management for their HP server and storage solution?
A. HP System Insight Manager
B. Onboard Administrator
C. Integrated Lights Out
D. Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

Correct Answer: A
Which features would lead you to position an HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 as a replacement for an existing HP 8100 Enterprise Virtual Array? (Select two.)
A. thin provisioning
B. seamless data migration
C. compatible replication protocol
D. faster disk spindle speeds
E. similar feature set

Correct Answer: AB
A consultant develops a storage concept for an SMB customer. To prepare the CxO presentation, the consultant must identify business and technical challenges. Which challenges should be presented during a meeting with the CEO? (Select two.)
A. Data is not protected at the sufficient level.
B. Rack space is not used efficiently.
C. Cost of information is not defined.
D. Operational expenditures (OPEX) nave to be reduced.
E. Server provisioning takes too much time.
Correct Answer: AC
Your customer is a medium-sized insurance company. They have decided to build a redundant vSphere
5.1 infrastructure cluster with HP BladeSystem. As their consultant, you propose redundant HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosures, Flex Fabric Interconnect modules, and four HP ProLiant BL660c Gen8 Servers, with two dual port Flex-Fabric LOMs in a vSphere ESX 5.1 HA cluster.
Which components provide direct-attached storage for the virtual servers? (Select three.)
A. HP SmartArray P711m Controller
B. HP MSA P2000 G3 Combo
C. HP SmartArray P721m Controller
D. HP D6000 Disk Enclosures
E. HP 3 Gb/s SAS BL Switch
F. HP 6 Gb/s SAS BL Switch

Correct Answer: CDF
Which statements are true when zoning an HP MSA P2000 G3 FC array into a fabric? (Select two.)
A. The array can be in multiple operating system zones.
B. Overlapping storage port zones may be configured
C. Zoning is required for all operating systems that access the array.
D. Zoning is not required for a single operating system.
E. The array required port-based zoning to be configured.

Correct Answer: AC
When designing a solution, what defines the maximum tolerable amount of data loss from an IT service due to a major incident?

Correct Answer: C
Which HP StoreVirtual feature is unique to the P4900 Storage System?
A. 8Gb FC node connectivity
B. support for Network RAID 5 only
C. SmartSSD Wear Gauge in CMC
D. support for hardware RAID 10

Correct Answer: C
A medium-sized manufacturing company decides to build a redundant vSphere 5.1 Infrastructure cluster with HP BladeSystem. As their consultant, you propose redundant HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosures for their local and remote sites. The storage solution you propose is an HP StoreVirtual 4000 with remote replication.
To stay within the budget, you decide to use the HP StoreVirtual VSA at the remote site.
Which feature of the VSA must you consider for future growth?
A. maximum 3 VSAs per site
B. maximum one LAN adapter per VSA
C. maximum one VSA per host
D. maximum 10 TB per VSA
Correct Answer: D
Which requirement differentiates dual-domain from dual-path SAS?
A. Dual-path requires active SAS cables.
B. Dual-domain requires less hardware.
C. Dual-domain requires dual-port drives.
D. Dual-path requires dual-port controllers.

Correct Answer: C
A leading retail, corporate, and investment bank serves approximately 15 million customers in Central and Eastern Europe. The bank plans to build two redundant data centers in Europe. Their backup strategy is to implement an HP StoreOnce solution in Europe servicing 24 TB across the three remote offices. They have a native 10Gb Ethernet infrastructure and plan to implement HP StoreOnce Catalyst. As their backup presales consultant, you must prepare an evaluation to present the HP StoreOnce solution. Which HP StoreOnce solution should you propose for the remote offices?
A. One HP StoreOnce 4220 Backup for each remote office, as well as Replication and HP StoreOnce Catalyst licenses
B. One HP StoreOnce 4220 Backup for each of the three remote offices, as well as HP StoreOnce Catalyst licenses
C. One HP StoreOnce 4210 Fibre Channel Backup for each remote office, as well as Replication and HP StoreOnce Catalyst licenses
D. One HP StoreOnce 4220 Backup for each remote office, as well as HP StoreOnce Catalyst licenses for source and target

Correct Answer: B
A CIO is interested in moving their infrastructure to a private cloud solution in the future. The consultant advises implementing an HP Virtual System.
On which stage of migration is the HP Virtual System positioned?
A. Self-service application with lifecycle management
B. Standardize and consolidate
C. Virtualize and automate
D. Self-service virtualization infrastructure

Correct Answer: C
A medium-sized warehouse company has built their Windows-based IT environment over time. They have recently virtualized their servers using VMware technologies. They want to build a centralized storage solution but without a new storage network. Your solution is based on the HP StoreEasy product.
Which common features meet the customer requirements? (Select two)
A. StoreEasy Management
B. 16 Petabyte namespace
C. SAN gateway facility
D. node-based flexibility
E. NFS 4.1 protocol support

Correct Answer: AC
Which HP Storage solution is built on an architecture that allows a customer to scale capacity and performance linearly without incurring downtime or performance bottlenecks?
A. HP StoreEasy
B. HP StareServ
C. HP StoreSure
D. HP StoreVirtual

Correct Answer: D
A customer has a head office with a number of branch offices that have no local servers. The customer requires a file-serving solution that provides these benefits: High Availability Low-cost and low-overhead No additional hardware or software required at branch offices Reduced WAN usage with caching of frequently-used files Clients access data at LAN speed
Which solution should you propose to meet the customer requirements?
A. HP StoreEasy 5000 Storage
B. HP StoreAll 9000 Storage
C. HP StoreSure 2000 Storage
D. HP StoreEasy 1000 Storage

Correct Answer: D
Which resource supports implementing a drawing of the storage network cable management in the documentation?
A. HP Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge (SPOCK)
B. HP Network Design Center
C. VisioCafe
D. HP Storage Sizer

Correct Answer: C
While discussing the new HP StoreEasy solution, a customer expresses concerns about potential performance issues that have been associated with previous generations of Windows NAS systems.
Which new feature of the HP StoreEasy solution should you highlight to demonstrate the increased reliability and performance of the platform for files and applications?
A. resilient file system (ReFS)
B. addition of Fibre Channel support for file shares, and storage for applications
C. increased support for 35,000 concurrent users with three shares per single file server
D. support for Unified LUN Presentation from the GUI

Correct Answer: B
Which HP product utilizes a common deduplication algorithm across the environment and allows deduplication at the source, media server, or target side?
A. HP StoreSure with Single Instance Storage
B. HP StoreOnce with Catalyst
C. HP StoreEasy with Windows 2012
D. HP StoreServ with Thin Provisioning

Correct Answer: B
Which HP Server solution is optimized for data center virtualization to achieve the highest density, maximize power efficiency by sharing power supplies and fans, maintain total flexibility through a Single Point of Management, and support most of the HP Interconnect technologies?

Correct Answer: B
A leading retail, corporate, and investment bank serves approximately one million customers within Central and Eastern Europe. The bank plans to modernize their data protection infrastructure to fulfill their strong data security expectations.
Which components should you suggest to provide encryption of their backed-up data? (Select two.)
A. HP LTO-4 SB1760c Tape Blade
B. HP LTO-3 Ultrium 800 GB WORM Drive
C. HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager
D. HP Ultrium 960 Tape Drives
E. HP Ultrium 448 Tape Drives

Correct Answer: AC
An alternative energy company was founded in 2003 by a joint venture of two regional energy companies in the United States. They focused on engineering solutions for the solar energy sector. Since 2010, they have offered operational services, including billing and financial services, for solar power plants. The acquisition of companies related to this sector is a future strategy to raise their market share. Moreover, in 2012 the company established a branch office in Europe to take part in the extensive European market growth.
A new storage solution is being designed for the company’s central organization. Which questions should the IT manager be asked to verify that the proposed solution will cover the business needs when acquiring new companies? (Select two.)
A. Which requirements must be met today, in three months, and in six months?
B. How do you expect business to grow in the near future?
C. How does the user define performance?
D. Which criteria must be met for fault tolerance and recovery time?
E. Is the intended use of the solution processor intensive?

Correct Answer: AC
When designing an HP 3PAR StoreServ environment that involves HP Peer Motion, which configuration requirements must be considered?
A. All host servers connected to the target array must be removed from the Fibre Channel zoning to prevent data corruption.
B. Source and destination arrays must be at InForm software version 3.1.2. or higher.
C. Volume Sets are not supported during the migration and volume-set membership must be removed.
D. The destination system cannot import volumes with existing Remote Copy membership.
Correct Answer: BD
Which device facilitates the migration of data between heterogeneous storage systems?

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HP HP0-J60 Dumps, Pass the HP HP0-J60 Exam Preparation Guide Online Shop