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Questions: 1
What happens when Consolidation Rules are enabled in Application Settings?
A. Financial Management launches the consolidation process first, then the consolidation rules run.
B. Consolidation Rules enabled, it overrides the default consolidation process.
C. Consoldation Rules must be enabled for the consolidation process to run.
Answer: B
Questions: 2
An IncStmt report is created in the Finance folder in the repository. To give Lturner access to the report, the report designer must assign View permission for Lturner on the:
A. IncStmt report
B. IncStmt report and Finance folder
C. Incstmt report, Finance folder, and Root folder

Answer: B
Questions: 3
The following report preview was generated from the report design below using an Average auto calculation. To set up the auto calculation for this report, the report designer must select the Auto Calculation check box for which grid area?
A. Children of Geographical row heading
B. Children of TotalMarkets row heading
C. Row 2

Answer: B
Questions: 4
For which dimensions can security class be enabled? (Choose four.)
A. Account
B. Value
C. Scenario
D. Entity
E. Period
F. ICP and Custom1-4

Answer: A, C, D, F
Questions: 5
What are the four levels of security in Hyperion System 9 Financial Management? (Choose four.)
A. Task Security
B. Load Data Security
C. User authentication
D. Document Security
E. Administrator Security
F. Data Security
Answer: A, C, D, F

Free practice questions for Oracle 1Z0-273 exam.These questions are aimed at giving you an idea of the type of questions you can expect on the actual exam. You will get an idea of the level of knowledge each topic goes into but because these are simple web pages you will not see the interactive and performance based questions – those are available in the Oracle 1Z0-273.