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Identify three purposes for which transaction types can be used. (Choose three.)
A. to record how cash can be applied to transactions
B. to set whether AutoInvoice validates transactions using IDs or values
C. to set whether transactions affect the Accounts Receivable (AR) customer balances
D. to record the accounting flexfield value that would be used for the cash account for transactions
E. to record the accounting flexfield value that would be used for the receivable account for transactions
F. to set transaction numbers to be either assigned automatically or entered manually for transactions

Correct Answer: ACE
ABC Company wants to compare consolidated actuals against consolidated budgeted amounts. Identify the two steps that must be performed to provide ABC Company with this information. (Choose two.)
A. Run the Trial Balance report.
B. Execute an online budget inquiry.
C. Execute an online account inquiry.
D. Review the Account Analysis report.
E. Run financial statement generator reports.

Correct Answer: CE
XYZ Corporation has five segments in its accounting flexfield. For a special profit-and-loss report, they want to sort by the fourth segment, which is “product.” Select the element that would meet this need.
A. row set
B. row order
C. content set
D. column set

Correct Answer: B
Which three are part of the Global Consolidation System (GCS) functionality? (Choose three.)
A. viewing the multilevel structure of your consolidation in a graphical format
B. defining mapping rules to determine how subsidiary account balances roll up into the parent
C. creating consolidated journal entries in both parent and subsidiary sets of books as part of the consolidation process
D. using the Interface Data Transformer to transfer data from Oracle global consolidations to external financial feeder systems
E. viewing the status and monitor subsidiary account balances for any changes that occur after the subsidiary data has been transferred
Correct Answer: ABE

ABC Enterprises is implementing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.
They possess much data relating to Assets, HRMS, Inventory, vendors, and customers. They also have budgetary control enabled, and they have a substantial amount of budget data.
They want to upload their data into Oracle with the use of Oracle Web Application Desktop Integrator.
Identify four types of data that can be used for uploading data by using Web ADI. (Choose four.)
A. HRMS data
B. Assets data
C. vendors data
D. budgets data
E. Inventory data
F. customers data

Correct Answer: ABDE
The GL accountant has defined the budget and wants the assistant accountants to enter and update the budget. The GL accountant wants this budget to be the default. What would be your response?
A. If the client wants to do this, the budget status must be open.
B. If the client wants to do this, the budget status must be current.
C. The Oracle General Ledger budget functionality cannot satisfy this requirement.
D. If the client wants to do this, customization of Oracle Workflow is the only option.

Correct Answer: B
Identify four required Oracle Credit Management system options. (Choose four.)
A. territory
B. legal entity
C. aging bucket
D. exchange rate type
E. default customer credit classification
F. data quality management (DQM) matching rule name

Correct Answer: CDEF
Your client will use the seeded credit classifications of Low Risk, Moderate Risk, and High Risk to evaluate the credit worthiness of customers. It has also created the following credit review types:
New Credit Limit Domestic Credit International Credit Guarantor of Credit Lease Application Credit
How many credit checklists should the management set up in Oracle Credit Management to perform credit reviews in accordance with the organization’s current policies?
A. ten
B. five
C. one
D. eight
E. three
F. fifteen
Correct Answer: F
Sam, the CFO of XYZ Company, wants to prepare the annual capital expenditure budget for the current
year with reference to the capital expenditure budget of the previous year.
The capital expenditure budget is subdivided into multiple items, and the corporate calendar used at XYZ Company has thirteen periods.
Which budget rule must Sam use to minimize the effort.
A. prior year budget monetary and prior year budget statistical
B. prior year actual monetary and current year budget statistical
C. prior year budget monetary and current year budget statistical
D. current year actual monetary and current year actual statistical
E. current year budget monetary and current year budget statistical

Correct Answer: A
John is reviewing the clients draft training documents about the Order to Cash life cycle business processes. Identify four steps that are included in the Order-to-Cash life cycle. (Choose four.)
A. launching pick release
B. performing credit check
C. reconciling bank statements
D. running AutoInvoice to Receivables
E. generating the move order manually

Correct Answer: ABCD
The tables for the Customer Master are owned by _____.
A. Oracle Receivables
B. Oracle Order Management
C. Oracle Trading Community Architecture
D. Oracle Customer Relationship Management

Correct Answer: C
Select the setup task that you are required to perform in Receivables to manage tax calculations on invoices.
A. defining tax rules
B. defining AutoInvoice
C. defining AutoAccounting
D. defining tax registrations
E. defining Account Generator
Correct Answer: C
Select four values that default from profile classes in Oracle Accounts Receivable. (Choose four.)
A. currency
B. legal entity
C. payment terms
D. statement cycle
E. business purpose
F. credit classification

Correct Answer: ACDF
You have just opened the Transactions form. Which field would you see on this form?
A. company
B. legal entity
C. cost center
D. operating unit

Correct Answer: B
Retail customers are encouraged to sign up for direct debit form of payment. This provides the bank with authorization to debit a customers checking account for either the full amount due or the minimum balance, depending on the option selected by the customer at the time of enrolling for the direct debit. Which is the most appropriate receipts solution in Oracle Receivables to directly address this business need of your client?
A. Implement bills of exchange.
B. Implement automatic receipts.
C. Implement credit card receipts.
D. Implement QuickCash receipts.
E. Implement AutoLockbox receipts.

Correct Answer: B
ABC Corporation has five companies, which operate in different industries. Each company has a different ledger-processing option that is industry specific. Choose the number of primary ledgers that are required to be defined.
A. five
B. four
C. two
D. one
E. three

Correct Answer: A
Which statement is correct about the differences between the functionalities of parent accounts and summary accounts?
A. Summary accounts cannot be used in budget formulas, whereas parent accounts can be used in budget formulas.
B. Summary accounts speed up the posting process, whereas parent accounts require additional time for the Posting process.
C. Summary accounts use the summing segment type for MassAllocations, whereas parent accounts use the looping segment type.
D. Summary account balances can be viewed in the Account Inquiry form, whereas parent account balances cannot be viewed in that form.
E. Summary accounts slow down the generation of Financial Statement Generators, whereas parent accounts help generate quicker results.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 18
You mail your customer John Doe an invoice for $1000 for the supplies he ordered. John has the option of making his payment either by check or by credit card. John elects to use his credit card. This receipt is identified as a(n) _____ .
A. manual receipt
B. automatic receipt
C. QuickCash receipt
D. AutoLockbox receipt
E. miscellaneous receipt

Correct Answer: B
Which three are the benefits of the Currency Rates Manager in Oracle General Ledger? (Choose three.)
A. You can maintain daily rates and historical rates more easily.
B. You get improved efficiency with the help of the spreadsheet interface.
C. You can maintain consistency among different currency conversion rates.
D. Additional security ensures that historical rates can be uploaded to closed or future periods only.
E. You can maximize intercompany imbalances during intercompany eliminations of foreign currency transactions that are due to exchange rate differences.

Correct Answer: ABC
Identify three entities that can become a party in Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA). (Choose three.)
A. an individual customer
B. a personal relationship
C. a business organization
D. a business contact email
E. a business mailing address
F. a business contact telephone

Correct Answer: ABC
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