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How does HP CSA manage the creation or maintenance of individual users in CSA organizations?
A. It maps user roles through membership in LDAP groups.
B. It uses a local user database to replicate the LDAP group membership.
C. It uses a local user database to verify that corresponding LDAP group membership exists for the each user.
D. It uses the underlying user database.

Correct Answer: B
An HP BladeSystern customer asks for guidance from HP to better understand the potential or cloud for their business.
Which HP service should you suggest?
A. Cloud Roadmap Service
B. CloudStart Service
C. Cloud Design Service
D. Converged Cloud Workshop

Correct Answer: A
What is Representational State Transfer (REST)?
A. A simple, dynamic architectural style that exploits existing web protocols
B. A closed, stateful (persistent) object push model based on standard web protocols
C. A web service that uses basic create, read, update, and delete operations performed on resources
D. A simple, stateful, and consistent object push model based on standard web protocols

Correct Answer: C
How does HP OneVSew support open integration? (Select two.)
A. Using PowerShell or Python libraries
B. Using Java API scripting
C. Using a RESTful API
D. Using BladeSystem Onboard Administrator
E. Using Virtual Connect Modules

Correct Answer: AC
Your customer wants to try an OpenStack-based private cloud for their internal development team while also minimizing CAPEX Which HP offering would you recommend?
A. HP CloudSystem Matrix
B. HP OpenStacKHelion Community Edition
C. HP CloudSystem Foundation
D. HP CloudSystem Enterprise
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 6
Refer to the Exhibit.

What does this graphic represent?
A. An SLA gap analysis
B. A CI-CM gap analysis
C. A TCO gap analysis
D. An ROI gap analysis

Correct Answer: B
Which user interface is used to add compute nodes in your HP CloudSystem environment?
A. HP CloudSystem Portal
B. HP CloudSystem Console
C. HP CSA Marketplace Portal
D. HP CSA Consumer Console

Correct Answer: A
You are deploying CloudSystem Foundation to your customer’s environment. The customer wants to access their deployed instances by using Floating IP addresses. On which network type do the Floating IP addresses reside?
A. Deployment Network
B. Provider Network
C. External Network
D. Private Network

Correct Answer: D
What are characteristics of REST as leveraged by HP OneView? (Select two.)
A. Is a simple, stateless architecture
B. Runs via secure TCP sockets only
C. Maintains transient state for multi-tier application deployments
D. Consistent API with a common data model

Correct Answer: BD
Which choice outlines the process to install HP CloudSystem Enterprise?
A. From the HP CSA Management Console main menu, choose the Enterprise link.
B. Import the appropriate Enterprise OVF, and start the virtual machine.
C. From the HP CloudSystem Portal main menu, choose the Enterprise link.
D. From the HP CloudSystem Console main menu, choose the Enterprise link.

Correct Answer: D