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When installing additional memory in a notebook computer, the MOST important point to remember is:
A. the chip installed in the expansion slot has to have the same capacity as the chip already installed.
B. memory chips are not plug and play; special drivers will be required.
C. the chip has to be seated properly and locked down to be detected.
D. the chip in the primary slot has to be the same or bigger size than the chip in the expansion slot.
Answer: C Explanation:
Which of the following BEST describes the general meaning of a warning in one of the Event Viewer logs?
A. An Informational message on successful or failed audit actions.
B. An issue that will not prevent the basic function of the computer.
C. An informational message from the Windows Firewall.
D. An urgent issue that warns the user through a screen pop-up.
Answer: B Explanation:
Which of the following Microsoft encryption software provides the HIGHEST level of security for PCs running Windows Vista Enterprise or Ultimate Vista?

B. Windows Defender for Vista
C. BitLocker drive encryption
Answer: C Explanation:
When using Device Manager, a yellow QUESTION NO: mark indicates which of the following?
A. Device conflict
B. Device is removed
C. Device has not been digitally signed
D. No device driver found
Answer: D Explanation:
Windows XP Professional was remotely installed on a workstation overnight. The next day, the customer states the workstation is attempting to reinstall the OS again. Which of the following actions should be taken to use the installed OS?
A. Press F8 to go to the Advanced Startup Options and select Boot Windows Normally.
B. Reinstall the OS adding the /s option to the command (e.g. setup.exe /n /s).
C. Go to the BIOS and change the boot order to use the hard drive.
D. Use RegEdit32 to edit the registrys GUI_run_once option.
Answer: C Explanation:

A user has a toolbar installed that appears to be connected to Spyware. Which of the following is the BEST way to remove it?
A. Go into the BIOS and disable the toolbar.
B. Boot using the Last Known Good Configuration option.
C. Boot into Safe Mode and remove browser helper objects.
D. Go into the BIOS and run a virus scan.
Answer: C Explanation:
Which of the following commands is used to delete the entire contents of drive D: quickly?
A. format c: /a:512
B. format d: /c
C. format d: /x
D. format d: /q
Answer: D Explanation:
Users are reporting their machines are losing connection to a central server during off hours, causing some processes that run after hours to stop. Which of the following commands would BEST confirm the problem?
A. ping -l 10000
B. ipconfig /showclassid
C. ping -t
D. ipconfig /registerdns
Answer: C Explanation: QUESTION NO: 9

In a 64-bit Windows operating system, which of the following directories is created twice, once for 32-bit applications and once for 64-bit applications?
A. C:\Documents and Settings
B. C:\Windows
C. C:\Program Files
D. C:\Users
Answer: C Explanation:
A Windows XP system locks up after the GUI starts to load. The system will start in Safe Mode. The Event Viewer reports that a driver failed to load. Which of the following methods would help diagnose the problem?
A. Enable boot logging. In Safe Mode, read the ntbtlog.txt file.
B. In Safe Mode, run the sigverif utility.
C. Restart the system from the OEM recovery CD; do a full restore.
D. In Safe Mode, run the driverquery utility.
Answer: A Explanation:
A technician is attempting to get into the BIOS and they are being prompted for a password. Which of the following can clear the BIOS password? (Select TWO).
A. Pull the CMOS battery.
B. Pull the 20/24 pinconnector from the main board.
C. Short the reset circuit near the RAM.
D. Use the appropriate jumper on main board.
E. Use the reset button on the front panel.
Answer: A,D Explanation: QUESTION NO: 12

A Windows XP system stops booting with the error message NTLDR is missing. Which of the following is the BEST resolution for this problem?
A. fixmbr
B. Perform a clean install of Windows XP.
C. fixboot
D. Format and restore the system.
Answer: C Explanation:
A client has a problem with one of the workstations serial ports. Which of the following tools will diagnose the problem?
A. Loop back plug
B. Crossover cable
C. Power supply tester
D. Cable tester
Answer: A Explanation:
A technician would like to create a spanned volume on two basic disks. Which of the following steps must be completed?
A. Create a RAID 0 set.
B. Format the drive as FAT32.
C. Create a striped set.
D. Convert the basic disks to dynamic.
Answer: D Explanation:

Which of the following is true regarding the number of volumes that can be created on a basic disk? (Select TWO).
A. Using NTFS, the limit is sixty-four.
B. Using FAT32, the limit is thirty-two.
C. Without extended partitions, the limit is four.
D. Using either FAT or NTFS, the limit is three.
E. With extended partitions, there is no limit.
Answer: C,E Explanation:

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