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QUESTION: 1 The Net-Net 4000 is the source and destination for all signaling messages and media streams coming into and leaving the provider’s network. Which two of the following SIP functions does it provide?
A. edge proxy
B. registrar
C. Back to Back User Agent
D. media gateway
Answer: A, C
QUESTION: 2 Which two of the following statements about SIP response code handling on the Net-Net 4000 are TRUE?
A. The Net-Net 4000 will originate a 403 Forbidden response when bandwidth allocated to a realm has been exhausted.
B. The Net-Net 4000 cannot originate 3xx class redirect responses.
C. The Net-Net 4000 egress realm selection may be affected by received third party 3xx class redirect responses
D. The Net-Net 4000 can transmit a different SIP response code than it received.

Answer: C, D
QUESTION: 3 In an H.323 network, a provides translation services and communication between dissimilar networks.
A. gatekeeper
B. gateway
C. multipoint control unit
D. codec

Answer: B
A steering pool defines _.

A. a range of IP addresses used to route media flows as they egress the box

B. a range of IP addresses and a pool of ports Net-Net 4000 will use to declare itself
as the destination for all subsequent media flows in a dialog
C. an IP address and range of ports the Net-Net 4000 will use to declare itself as the destination for media flows in a session
D. an IP address and port the Net-Net 4000 uses for steering media to the external media server

Answer: C
Which two of the following statements regarding SIP processing are FALSE?

A. An initial INVITE will contain a From header tag and a To header tag as a globally unique identifier for the dialog.
B. To avoid retransmissions, User Agents must forward received 100 Trying messages to their next hop.
C. Calls Per Second are typically measured using a 7-10 message SIP call flow including call set-up and tear down.
D. The combination of the To tag, From tag, and Call-ID completely defines a peer-to-peer SIP relationship and is referred to as a dialog.

Answer: A, B
High availability (HA) nodes identify one another by their names.

A. Identifier
B. Host
C. mib-system-name
D. target

Answer: D
QUESTION: 7 If upon examination of two configuration files you notice that the version number of the permanently saved configuration differs from the version number of the running configuration, it means that _.
A. the saved configuration file has been edited, but the done command was not issued
B. the saved configuration file has been copied from flash into SDRAM using the save- config command

C. the saved configuration file has been saved into flash, but the activate-config
command has not been issued
D. the saved configuration file was copied from flash into SDRAM using the activate-config command

Answer: C
Which one of the following statements about H.323 networks is FALSE?

A. The collection of all terminals, gateways, and MCU managed by a single gatekeeper is known as an Autonomous System (AS).
B. Gateways are not mandatory in an H.323 network.
C. Gatekeepers are not mandatory in an H.323 network.
D. Gateways translate call set-up messages and convert media formats.

Answer: A
The default baud rate for console connections to the Net-Net 4000 is .

A. 115200
B. 2400
C. 9600
D. 56600
Answer: A
QUESTION: 10 In a high availability (HA) scenario, if peers boot simultaneously and their health scores are equivalent, which node automatically assumes the role of Active?
A. The node that had the role of active last. B. The node that had the role of standby last.
C. The node with the highest Wancom IP address.
D. The node with the lowest Wancom IP address.
Answer: D

In a (n) exchange, a Master Slave Determination message is an example of a type of message that might be exchanged during the media setup portion of the call.
C. H.245

D. H.225
Answer: C
QUESTION: 12 When two associated H323 stacks in different realms have the gatekeeper parameter defined, which one of the following statements is TRUE?
A. The Net-Net 4000 will proxy LRQ and LCF messages from one gatekeeper to the other and the TCP connection for H.225.0 will be established afterwards.
B. The Net-Net 4000 will respond locally to the LRQ with a LCF, and upon receiving the SETUP on the ingress leg, will open the TCP connection on the egress leg to send the SETUP.
C. It is not possible to have two associated H323 stacks when both have gatekeepers defined.
D. Registrations will be forwarded from one Gatekeeper to the other using unique RRQ messages.

Answer: A
Best current practice for the initial turn-up of a secondary node in a highly available (HA)
pair calls for the acquire-config command targeting the interface
on the primary node.

A. Wancom0
B. Wancom1
C. Wancom2
D. Wancom3

Answer: A
QUESTION: 14 To view an existing multiple instance element configuration you can go to the correct branch of the configuration tree and .

A. select the element and then issue the show command
B. enter the name of the element and then issue the show command
C. type show and select from the displayed list
D. type show <element name>

Answer: A
QUESTION: 15 When associating network interfaces to a physical interface on the Net-Net 4000, the fields must contain the same unique ID.
A. sub-port-id
B. name
C. unique-id
D. identifier

Answer: B
QUESTION: 16 To enable the Net-Net 4000 to provide next hop signaling load balancing, which two of the following licenses must be installed?
A. session agent group
B. load balancing
C. routing
D. local policy

Answer: B, C
QUESTION: 17 Which two the following statements about access to the Net-Net 4000 file system are TRUE?
A. The Net-Net 4000 supports SFTP.
B. You change the Net-Net 4000 internal FTP passwords by changing the User and Superuser mode passwords.
C. The SD OS has a built in mechanism to prevent file system corruption.
D. You should FTP software to the /code directory of the Net-Net 4000 flash memory when booting from /tffs0.
Answer: A, B
QUESTION: 18 Examine the output below from the network interface configuration. When the Net-Net 4000 does not get an ARP response from the device configured as its gateway in the configured retry time period, it will .
A. send traffic to the device configured in the sec-gateway field
B. decrement its health score to 50 which may result in a failover to the standby
C. use the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to determine a new default gateway
D. use the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to the host(s) instead of the primary gateway

Answer: B
QUESTION: 19 When configuring the Net-Net 4000, SIP interface(s) is/are allowed per realm, and SIP port(s) is/are allowed for a SIP interface.
A. multiple multiple
B. 1 1024
C. multiple 999
D. 1 multiple
Answer: D
The boot parameters, passwords and licensing information are stored in .


C. Flash

Answer: B
Which two of the following statements about H.323 on the Net-Net 4000 are TRUE?
A. When functioning as a back-to-back gateway, the Net-Net 4000 appears as just one
H.323 gateway to a single network.
B. The Net-Net 4000 supports H.323 versions 1-6.
C. Multiple virtual gateways or gatekeepers can exist on a single Net-Net 4000.
D. There is a feature that allows an H.323 terminal that is unable to support Fast Start to receive a Slow Start call from a Fast Start source through the Net-Net 4000.

Answer: C, D
QUESTION: 22 Which one of the four statements below about Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is FALSE?
A. SIP provides for resource reservation.
B. SIP works with both IPv4 and IPv6.
C. SIP can run on top of either UDP or TCP as the transport protocol.
D. SIP can be used to invite participants to an already existing session.

Answer: A
QUESTION: 23 When SIP sessions are terminated and re-originated as they flow through the Net-Net 4000, the is rewritten to force all session related media to be routed through Net-Net 4000.
A. Via B. From C. SDP
D. Contact

Answer: C
QUESTION: 24 Which one of the following statements is TRUE when H245 tunneling is enabled on the Net-Net 4000. The Net-Net 4000 will .
A. tunnel signaling messages over the H.245 connection
B. establish a separate TCP connection to tunnel messages
C. tunnel H.245 messages over H.225.0 FACILITY messages
D. support the Generic Tunneling Protocol (GTP) for sending SIP messages over the
H.245 connection

Answer: C
QUESTION: 25 Using the command show redundancy sipd, redundancy statistics and transactions are displayed. Which 3 of the following statistics provide information about the state of SIP signaling checkpointing?
A. CPU Utilization
B. Error responses
C. Retransmissions sent
D. Duplicate requests
Answer: B, C, D
QUESTION: 26 Which two the following Best Current Practice configuration models would be used to provide complete topology hiding by re-writing the From and To headers of a SIP message?
A. Policy Based Realm Bridging
B. SIP-NAT Bridging
C. Header Manipulation Rule Bridging
D. Session Agent Bridging

Answer: B, C
QUESTION: 27 When configuring a network interface on the Net-Net 4000, the feature allows you to set parameters for gateway failure detection.
A. utility address
B. redundancy next hop
C. gateway failure message
D. gateway heartbeat

Answer: D
Which one of the following statements about SIP is FALSE?
A. The Via header field indicates the transport used for the transaction.
B. The Contact header field provides a SIP or SIPS URI that can be used to contact that specific instance of the UA for subsequent requests.
C. A SIP transaction consists of a single request and any responses to that request, which include zero or more provisional responses and one or more final responses.
D. A dialog is identified at each UA with a dialog ID, which consists of a Call-ID value, a Contact and a Request URI.

Answer: D
QUESTION: 29 How many simultaneous Telnet sessions does the Net-Net 4000 support in configuration mode in standard Net-Net OS version 2.x and above?
A. 5
B. 2
C. 1
D. 10
Answer: C
In this scenario, the User Agents (UAs) are both SIP-enabled phones. What is the correct
order of this basic SIP message flow?
1) The UAC initiates the session with an INVITE.
2) The UAS sends a 200 OK message indicating that the request has succeeded.
3) Media is exchanged bidirectionally.
4) The UAS sends a 100 Trying response back to the UAC
5) The UAC sends a BYE message. This is followed by a 200 OK final response message
sent by the UAS.
6) The UAS sends a 180 Ringing message.
7) The UAC sends an ACK message confirming that it has received a final response to

A. 1,2,4,6,7,5,3
B. 1,4,6,2,7,3,5
C. 1,7,4,6,3,2,5

D. 1,4,2,7,6,3,5
Answer: B

QUESTION: 31 Which two of the following scenarios about 503 Service Unavailable response codes on the Net-Net 4000 are TRUE?
A. 503 Service Unavailable messages are never generated by the Net-Net 4000.
B. A 503 Service Unavailable will be originated when the Net-Net 4000 is unable to forward a request due to session agent constraint or lack of bandwidth.
C. The Net-Net 4000 will originate a 503 Service Unavailable when it has no call processing resources.
D. By default, when the Net-Net 4000 has reached 95% CPU utilization, it will originate 503 Service Unavailable responses for all calls.
Answer: B, C
Upon issuing the done command, you get an Error 409. What does this error indicate?

A. The element you are creating is corrupted.
B. The element you are trying to save doesn’t exist.
C. You are trying to create an element with a unique identifier that already exists.
D. There is an internal server error.

Answer: C
QUESTION: 33 A(n) is an association between a globally unique SIP or SIPS URI and the user agent’s contact address. This association is written by the registrar server to a database where it can be used by a proxy in the local domain.
A. location record
C. binding
D. public address
Answer: C
QUESTION: 34 are stored in NVRAM.
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