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Question: 1
At Customer Briefings, the Instructor recommends conducting live UC demonstrations _____.
A. After all presentation materials have been delivered
B. Grouped together, and as early as possible in the time allotted
C. Spaced evenly throughout the briefing
D. After each separate product is presented

Answer: B
Question: 2
What is a possible consequence if a Partner is offering a competitor’s solution to replace an existing Avaya solution (hardware, software or services)?
A. The Partner’s relationship to Avaya may be terminated immediately.
B. The Partner may lose the commission and / or revenue credit on the account.
C. There are no real consequences for not obtaining prior approval since obtaining prior approval is only a procedural guideline.
D. Avaya may refer the opportunity to another Partner or sell it direct.

Answer: D
Question: 3
According to Nemertes, what percentage of employees work in locations other than headquarters?
A. 20%
B. 40%
C. 60%
D. 90%
Answer: D
Question: 4
Whose main interests focus on the key metrics return on assets and return on capital?
A. IT Manager
C. LOB Manager
D. Customer Service Representative
Answer: B
Question: 5
It is predicted that, within two years, the bulk (75%) of the agent positions shipped will be: A. TDM

D. Analog

Answer: C
Question: 6
One of Avaya’s strengths in the marketplace is its ability to service the large enterprise effectively and reliably. To do this, we can scale our contact centers to a total of how many simultaneous, logged-in agents?
A. 2,000 agents
B. 5,000 agents
C. 7,000 agents
D. 10,000 agents

Answer: C
Question: 7
What is the part of CEBP that collects, organizes, and filters high volumes of data so it can be processed?
A. The Transaction Server
B. The Message Stream Processor
C. The EPL Server Files
D. The Event Processor

Answer: D
Question: 8
Which Avaya solution best fits the needs of a mid-market customer?
A. Communication Manager Express (previously MultiVantage Express)
B. IP Office
C. Quick Edition
D. Communication Manager
Answer: A
Question: 9
Avaya’s desktop “Click to Call” application is _____.
A. One-X Mobile
B. One-X Portal
C. One-X Speech
D. One-X Communicator One-X Quick Edition
Answer: B
Question: 10
Which feature is NOT in Avaya one-X Mobile?
A. Voice Mail “Push” to SmartPhone
B. Synchronized Call Logs

C. VPIM2 Networking Protocol
D. Corporate Directory Access

Answer: C
Question: 11
What is an urgent business problem faced by a CEBP ideal client?
A. Streamlined business information flow
B. Issues regarding consistent service and process delivery at branch and remote locations
C. Productivity of mobile workers
D. Expensive human resources optimization

Answer: A
Question: 12
Advanced Event Detection (EDA) combined with a Closed-Loop Response Layer are examples of what?
A. Areas where we cannot affect business processes
B. Avaya’s key strengths in CEBP
C. Cisco’s SONA software
D. Part of BEA’s MicroServices Architecture

Answer: B
Question: 13
What type of enterprise is the Avaya Distributed Office solution perfect for?
A. Medium-sized enterprises that have growth potential
B. Large enterprises with multiple branches
C. Small enterprises with a few remote workers
D. Distributed Office is built to fit any enterprise

Answer: B
Question: 14
The Avaya “Flatten, Consolidate and Extend” value proposition means _____.
A. Deploying separate stand-alone communications systems in every location across the enterprise
B. Investing more heavily in the infrastructure
C. Addressing only telephony applications, but handling contact centers separately
D. Moving from a group of loosely connected standalone systems to a centralized application approach
Answer: D
Question: 15
What is a key Unified Communications value message for a “Road Warrior” type of worker?
A. Making the mobile device an extension of the deskphone
B. Control of telephony
C. Intuitive interfaces allowing a seamless shift between locations
D. Use of dual-connect phone
Answer: A
Question: 16
Which two Avaya solutions should you use when customers find employees unreachable or unproductive at the office and have IT departments having increasing difficulty controlling mobility, spending, and usage? (Choose two.)
A. Embed mobility applications into core IP Telephony software.
B. Provide cell phones to each mobile employee
C. Extend customer announcements, voicemail greetings, and other applications.
D. Utilize speech access to satisfy the individual’s requirements

Answer: A, C
Question: 17
Which is NOT a top business imperative in the IPT marketplace?
A. Managing and maintaining multiple, non-integrated systems
B. Needing consistent service/delivery at branch or remote locations
C. Needing advanced communications tools to compete effectively
D. Implementing the latest new technology

Answer: D
Question: 18
Unified Communications solutions represent _____ of Avaya’s estimated addressable market
A. 15%
B. 27%
C. 33%
D. 41%

Answer: D
Question: 19
Which section of the Solution Messaging Card is best described by where Avaya lists specific details and how a problem manifests itself at the individual level?
A. Solution linkage
B. Business impact
C. Trend relevance
D. Potential pains
E. Metrics proof of value
Answer: D

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