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Which open standard allows a switch with PoE support to correctly determine the power requirements of a connected device?
B. AutoPower

Correct Answer: C Explanation
The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is a vendor-neutral link layer protocol in the Internet Protocol
Suite used by network devices for advertising their identity, capabilities, and neighbors on an IEEE 802
local area network, principally wired Ethernet. Media Endpoint Discovery is an enhancement of LLDP,
known as LLDP-MED, that provides the following facilities:
Auto-discovery of LAN policies (such as VLAN, Layer 2 Priority and Differentiated services settings)
enabling plug and play networking. Device location discovery to allow creation of location databases and,
in the case of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Enhanced 911 services. Extended and automated
power management of Power over Ethernet (PoE) end points.

Which statement is true about wireless technologies?
A. 802.11n uses MIMO technology to improve data rates
B. 802.11g uses GIGO technology to improve security.
C. 802.11b/g use an 802.11a-compatible frequency.
D. 802.11a uses the less crowded 2.4 GHz range.

Correct Answer: A Explanation
Explanation: IEEE 802.11n is an amendment to IEEE 802.11-2007 as amended by IEEE 802.11k-2008, IEEE 802.11r-2008, IEEE 802.11y-2008, and IEEE 802.11w-2009, and builds on previous 802.11 standards by adding multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) and 40 MHz channels to the PHY (physical layer), and frame aggregation to the MAC layer. MIMO is a technology that uses multiple antennas to coherently resolve more information than possible using a single antenna. One way it provides this is through Spatial Division Multiplexing (SDM), which spatially multiplexes multiple independent data streams, transferred simultaneously within one spectral channel of bandwidth. MIMO SDM can significantly increase data throughput as the number of resolved spatial data streams is increased.
Refer to the exhibit.
Exhibit HP Comware command output.

Examine this output from the Comware command shown in the exhibit. Based on the flag of ACDEF, what is the status of the aggregated link?
A. Static LACP link aggregation is configured, and the aggregated link is operational with load sharing not being performed.
B. Static LACP link aggregation is configured, and the aggregated link is operational with load sharing being performed.
C. Static link aggregation is configured, and the aggregated link is operational with load sharing being performed.
D. Static link aggregation is configured, and the aggregated link is operational with load sharing not being performed.

Correct Answer: B Explanation
Which HP ProVision switch command defines as a syslog server?
A. Info-center
B. Syslog
C. Logging
D. Logserver

Correct Answer: C Explanation
The switch event log is stored in volatile memory and is lost on a reboot. It is best to configure a syslog
server to handle the log on another server in non-volatile memory.
For syslog:
HP-Provision-Switch (config)# logging <IPv4 or IPv6 address> Reference: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/

Which command can a network administrator execute on an HP Commware switch to manage configuration files?
A. Restore startup-configuration
B. Erase startup-configuration
C. Rename config
D. Erase startup-config

Correct Answer: A Explanation
Explanation: http://www.h3c.com/portal/Technical_Support___Documents/Technical_Documents/Switches/H 3C_S12500_Series_Switches/Configuration/Operation_Manual/H3C_S12500_CG-Release7128-6W710/01/201301/772595_1285_0.htm
Which type of access is considered an In-band management connection?
A. Serial connection to Console port
B. Dial-up to an auxiliary port
C. SSH from a desktop to the device
D. Telnet to an HP iLO management port

Correct Answer: C Explanation
Refer to the exhibit.
Exhibit: Network topology

A company has implemented a switched network based on the RSTP spanning tree protocol.
Assume the following:
All switches have the same priority

All ports have the same cost

All ports have the same priority
Based on this information, which answer is correct?
A. Port 2 on SwitchC is a designated port.
B. Port 3 on SwitchC is a designated port.
C. Port 1 on SwitchB is a discarding port.
D. Port 1 on SwitchD is a root port.

Correct Answer: B Explanation
MSTP selects the device with the lowest MAC address as the root bridge, so in this case it is SwitchD. The
root bridge is the only bridge in the network that does not have a root port. All other bridges receive BPDUs
on at least one port.

Which HP Comware component allows a network administrator to adjust the logging process?
A. SNMP management center
B. Information center
C. Logging process
D. System logging center

Correct Answer: B Explanation
Acting as the system information hub, information center classifies and manages system information,
offering a powerful support for network administrators and developers in monitoring network performance
and diagnosing network problems. The following describes the working process of information center:
Receives the log, trap, and debugging information generated by each module. Outputs the above
information to different information channels according to the user-defined output rules.
Outputs the information to different destinations based on the information channel-to-destination

What must a network administrator define on an HP Comware switch in order to implement username and passwords to protect access to the CLI?
A. Authentication scheme
B. Privilege levels
C. Local authentication
D. Super passwords

Correct Answer: C Explanation
Authentication fallback
If all authentication servers are unavailable, local authentication can be used. Local authentication can use
the password control function to secure user passwords.

https://h20565.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/template.BINARYPORTLET/public/kb/docDispla y/ resource.process/? spf_p.tpst=kbDocDisplay_ws_BI&spf_p.rid_kbDocDisplay=docDisplayResURL&javax.portlet. begCacheTok=com.vignette.cachetoken&spf_p.rst_kbDocDisplay=wsrp-resourceState %3DdocId% 253Demr_na-c03536920-4%257CdocLocale %253Den_US&javax.portlet.endCacheTok=com.vignette.cachetoken
Why does HP recommended using SSH instead of Telnet for remote device management?
A. SSH connections are established almost five times faster.
B. SSH encrypts the data you exchange with the switch.
C. SSH must be enabled for TFTP file transfers.
D. SSH provides a graphical shell for GUI management.

Correct Answer: B Explanation
Which wireless technology is limited to operate in a frequency range with only three non- overlapping channels?
A. 802.1a
B. 802.1x
C. 802.1ad
D. 802.11g

Correct Answer: D Explanation
Explanation: 802.11b (and 802.11g) networks offer 11 channels, but only three channels (1, 6, and 11) do not overlap with each other. In a large-scale building or campus-wide installation, the ability to use only three channels can reduce real-world throughput and make avoiding interference from other 802.11b or 802.11g-based wireless networks difficult.
Which technology does the HP Virtual Connect support?
A. InfiniBand connection to server backplane
B. Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) V
C. Distributed trunking
D. Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)

Correct Answer: B Explanation
Virtual Connect interconnect modules provide the following capabilities:
· Reduces the number of cables required for an enclosure, compared to using pass-thru modules.
· Reduces the number of edge switches that LAN and SAN administrators must manage.
· Allows pre-provisioning of the network, so server administrators can add, replace, or upgrade servers
without requiring immediate involvement from the LAN or SAN administrators.
· Enables a flatter, less hierarchical network, which reduces equipment and administration costs, reduces
latency, and improves performance.

· Delivers direct server-to-server connectivity within the BladeSystem enclosure. This is an ideal way to optimize for east/west traffic flow, which is becoming more prevalent at the server edge with the growth of server virtualization, cloud computing, and distributed applications. · Provides direct-attach SAN and dual-hop Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) capabilities to extend cost benefits further into the storage network. Reference: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx% 2F4AA4-8174ENW.pdf

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