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Question No : 1
Given the Service Manager RDBMS user has the right to create tables, which action in Service Manager translates directly into a SQL create statement?
A. creating a new dbdict
B. creating a new field in an existing dbdict
C. renaming a dbdict
D. renaming an existing field in an existing dbdict
Answer: A
Question No : 2
Which capability word is required to grant operator access to Crystal Report?
A. ReportAdmin
C. data administrator
D. SysAdmin
Answer: B
Question No : 3
What are the three main access layers on which security can be set in Service Manager? (Select three.)
A. Application Access
B. Database Access
C. Functional Access
D. Process Access
E. Module Access
F. Code Access
G. System Access
Answer: A,C,G
Question No : 4
Which debugging parameter is used to debug Web Services interfaces in Service Manager?
A. debughttp:1
B. debugjs:1
C. debugws:1
D. debugdbquery:1
Answer: A
Question No : 5
Which debugging parameters are typically used to debug performance issues? (Select three.)
A. RTM:3
B. sm -debugperformance
C. sm -rundiagnostics
D. debugdbquery:999
E. sqldebug:1
F. sqltrace:2
Answer: A,D,E
Question No : 6
Which statements are true about Configuration Management? (Select two.)
A. Configuration Management is the process responsible for maintaining information about assets required to deliver an IT service, including their relationships.
B. Configuration Management is the process responsible for tracking and reporting the value and ownership of financial assets throughout their lifecycle.
C. Configuration Management minimizes the number of quality and compliance issues caused by improper configuration and services and assets.
D. Configuration Management is the process responsible for maintaining information about CIs required to deliver an IT service, including their relationships.
E. Configuration Management supports two ITIL processes: Incident Management and Problem Management.
Answer: C,D
Question No : 7
What is the goal of Knowledge Management?
A. to integrate with Interaction, Incident, and Problem Management so that users are able to search for and use knowledge from existing incidents or problems while attempting to resolve a new incident or problem
B. to enable organizations to improve the quality of management decision-making by ensuring that reliable and secure information and data is available throughout the service lifecycle
C. to ensure the right information is delivered to the appropriate place or person at the right time to enable an informed decision
D. to define a set of principles and practices that enable organizations to improve service levels for customers, gain operational efficiencies, and increase the organization’s value to their company
Answer: B
Question No : 8
Which ITIL V3 process does Service Manager provide to configure a catalog from which users can request goods and services, an approval engine that processes the request, and which allows for procurement and delivery of approved goods and services?
A. Change Management
B. Service Request Catalog
C. Request Fulfillment
D. Service Management
Answer: C
Question No : 9
What are the features of the embedded Release Control Change Calendar? (Select three.)
A. used for approvals
B. gives visibility to the ITIL’s concept of a Forward Schedule of Changes (FSC)
C. is a stand-alone Change Management application
D. interacts with UCMDB
E. interacts with the Change Management application of Service Manager
F. can only be accessed via the Windows client
G. is able to check resource availability
Answer: B,E,G
Question No : 10
Which connectors are available for Connect-It? (Select three.)
A. HP Service Desk Web Services Connector
B. HP Service Manager Web Client Connector
C. HP Universal CMDB Connector (XML)
D. Active Directory Connector
E. HP Service Center Connector
F. Service Manager Connector
Answer: C,E,F

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